not sure what i like anymore

here are some images that i am not sure which ones i like or that really work so i am asking you for help in pointing me in a direction


female semi nude profile

female semi nude profile


3/4 female nude

3/4 female nude


covered up

all though i do like the one looking at us i do have another preference but i’ll keep that to myself and hopefully see which one you like.



One Response to “not sure what i like anymore”

  1. Benjamin Krause Says:

    Hi – thank you for writing about Jordan Eagles at Art Hampton’s but i have to correct you on a very important detail. the work is not human blood. Its cows blood – its important because its about regeneration. taking something that is no longer and essentially giving it life. it is not a shock art style, it is based on life and the energy and beauty the blood posses.
    can you also add my gallery link to the page
    thank you so much
    Benjamin Krause
    Krause Gallery

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