1st thursday in Dumbo

last night mary and i went over to dumbo to see her postcard exhibit in ‘Wish you were here 9’ at A.I.R gallery as we had missed the actual opening of the show. the show runs from 6/23 thru July 18 at the gallery located 111 front street, Brooklyn ny.


from the press release: A.I.R gallery is pleased to announce Wish You Were Here 9, on view in Gallery III from June 23- July 18 2010. the proceeds from this exhibition od this postcard-sized works support our mission to advance the status of women in the arts and benefit the A.I.R Fellowship program for emerging and underrepresented artist.

wish you were here 9

mary & postcard

so if you’re in the neighborhood do stop in as there is some really wonderful affordable art work with lots sold so far with lots to be sold. it’s really nice to see how others have dealt with the size restrictions and used their creativity.  i’ve always been impressed with how others create, it makes me think about how i might solve the problem and how different someone else solves the same problem.

that evening ‘the 1st Thursdays in dumdo the galleries are open late so we wandered around the hallway down to the Amos Eno gallery to see a group show where i met an artist who’s work i linked to here on fuzzy Marina Reiter. i had missed her solo show ‘Endless Summer’ but we had a chance to talk to her tonight. life is really wonderful once you get out into it.

marina reiter

no that’s not her work in the background but a good picture of her, see below or her web site.

Marina is a painter who works in oils, something i had started when i painted.  i love her work, maybe it’s the musically of it or the cleanness, something not often found these days in this messy world. talking to her is a joy because she gives one attention not like so many other artist at these kinds of affairs where they are looking around to the next person to talk to about themselves.

art truck

quite a crowd

wandering around we found an artist using her imagination as to showing her work not quite on the street but close to it. her name is Orianne Cosentino and she’s a painter. that’s her signing the truck wall. so it’s pretty wonderful just being out and about seeing all there is to see.

after a couple of sips of wine and the time of night hunger creeps up on one so we went off to find a place to eat. i had passed by a very cute place at 55 Water Street during nyp festival called 55 water street. i was very disappointed in the food, so much so i’d never eat there again. the provincial stuffed chicken i had was over cooked with a canned tomato sauce spiced with hot sauce and lumpy mashed potatoes. mary had a mediocre penne in a cream sauce.

windy night for eating lobster

but we were luck we weren’t trying to eat a lobster outside as was this woman on a  windy evening. mary found this shot looking through the window venetian blinds. they did finally move inside, guess it got too much for them.

so life can be interesting even when not the best, the important thing is for one to be there now.

so long for now lots of other news will have to wait because i’ve a meeting to go to.



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