Art Hamptons this weekend July 9-11, 2010

The International Fine Art Fair

ArtHamptons returns as one of the highlights of the Hamptons summer season. Now in its 3rd successful year, ArtHamptons has established itself as one of the top new art fairs in America. Expect to see a mesmerizing display of post-war and contemporary art, presented by a renowned lineup of international galleries. It’s all assembled in a museum-like setting. There’s important art pieces for every budget and level of art collector. It’s all here for you, from paintings, works on paper and printed editions to photography, art glass, ceramics and sculpture.

This year ArtHamptons moves 2 blocks west to Sayre Park’s 5 bucolic acres. The site is located between Bridgehampton Commons and the Hamptons Classic field, just 1 block north of Montauk Highway on Snake Hollow Rd.

the real exciting news for me is that HP will be showing their new printer software allowing the  Z3200 series to create large format negatives, thanks to tyler boley for this information for this rob galbraith   link. see more information at woo hoo

a very interesting Gallery out there this year is the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery who has invited us the the opening preview party benefiting Longhouse Reserve.

emmanuel has always been very supportive in our creative efforts and represents us in some markets. thank you.

Elisa Cooper of Elisa Contemporary Art also sent us an invitation to see some of her artist at Art Hamptons and a free pass to see the show. we first met her at Red Dot Art fair this year, she has some very interesting artist.

Summer in the Hamptons at ArtHamptons – July 8-11th.
We’ll be in Booth #439


The art world will be converging in Bridgehampton and we’ll be there with new works from Suzan Woodruff, Wayne Zebzda, and Rosalind Schneider.

Waterscapes, Landscapes and imagined worlds by LA Artist Kimber Berry, Maui surfing legend, Pete Cabrinha and Hawaii artists Carol Bennett and Connie Firestone. And we’ll be debuting new artists including Allison Gregory.

This year, in a new location at Sayre Park (154 Snake Hollow Road) in Bridgehampton, ArtHamptons will feature over 80 galleries and be host to a number of special events.

Be sure to join them at Booth #439.

Fair hours are:
Thursday, July 8th 6-9pm – Opening Preview Party
Friday, July 9th 11 am – 7pm
Saturday, July 10th 11 am – 7pm
Sunday, July 11th 11 am – 6pm



For a complimentary Day pass courtesy of Elisa Contemporary Art, click here.

Suzan Woodruff

Suzan Woodruff, a fourth generation native of the American West was born in Phoenix, Arizona where, from an early age, she was imbued with her love and awe of nature.

swLittleGreenPearlIIIShe is considered one of the co-leaders of the “Flow Movement” in Los Angeles. Suzan’s abstract expressionist paintings are deeply informed by the forces of nature and physics and appear to draw inspiration from patterns found in natural phenomena observed from life.

Using thinned acrylic pigments, and a specially designed table, Suzan’s paintings form rills, deltas, waves and eddies. They appear as voluptuous, sensual landscapes, cloudscapes, seascapes, dunescapes and all sorts of natural spaces – even bodyscapes. Her elegant fields of flowing color blend Zen serenity and human passion.

Suzan’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. She was recently featured in a two-person exhibit of Flow Painting at the Art Factory in Budapest, Hungary.

Wayne Zebzda


Wayne was born in Hartford Connecticut and started his journey out west attending the San Francisco Art Institute on a full scholarship as a painting major. With day jobs in construction, he also developed a facility with tools of a different trade, and eventually shifted to producing sculptural and installation works, as well as his carbon smoke drawings.

Wayne’s work communicates a deep sense of delight in the face of the absurdities of life and he loves to create art from the everyday objects we encounter (including the Cross Walk Man sign).

According to Wayne, the process for his Carbon Smoke drawings is as follows:
“I have to move continuously while the smoke pours out of the torch. If you have ever seen the film footage of Jackson Pollack painting it is a similar continuous movement, his with drips, mine with smoke and the added possibility of catching the drawing on fire. I enjoy the immediacy and physicality of drawing. The welding torch has the pressure turned down low which makes it sooty/smoky. Working back into the drawings with erasures and brushes reveals what’s underneath and a clear fixative sets the soot in place (hopefully) and yes, I have burned the paper and will again.”

Wayne currently lives and works on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai.

Wayne is committed to making art accessible to a wide audience, and has been involved in numerous Art in Public Places projects and commissions for the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture in the Arts. His work has been exhibit and collected throughout the US including New York, Chicago, San Francisco and in Hawaii.


if this isn’t enough activity for a weekend we have added one more event and are off visiting another photographer friend on the north shore to have dinner and relax looking at the sunsets maybe even clicking a few shutters along the way over the sounds of passing seagulls who aren’t drenched in oil yet.

what we do to this world and ourselves seems criminal to me. oh well, maybe next time we’ll get it right.


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  1. marywehrhahn Says:

    Sounds like we will be saving our pennies for a new HP printer – platinum prints – I LOVE IT! Anyone want to buy a 1970 Cougar XR7 convertible? It should be completely restored soon.

  2. brendankregan Says:

    interesting, weird stuff. I lifeguard in watermill, and have a ton of photos up from my daily routine. check ’em out

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    Hey! Awesome site! I will definatley be coming back in the near future =)

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