free Art supplies & stuff

Hello Friends,
We have plenty of art/office/studio/theater/home office materials that
need a new home!

chashama is clearing space in our vast storage system in order to better
facilitate our artists and clients. This is a great opportunity to
obtain things for your studios, theaters, performance spaces, or even
your homes.

Over the past 12 years, we’ve gathered an eclectic selection of gear,
platforms, shelving, chairs and many other things.

We are going to have an open house on July 7th & 8th at our 201/205
storage area on 42nd St. @ 3rd Ave.and July 14th & 15th at our chashama
Artcraft Studios Building, 830 12th Ave. @ 57th St., 2nd floor. Both
venues are in Manhattan.

– Our 201/205 storage area visit will be by APPOINTMENT ONLY between
10am & 4pm, Wed-Thur, July 7th&8th. You will be instructed about
entering when you make your appointment.
This venue has various wood [plywood], wooden risers [various sizes],
chairs, and many things that would be great for artist studios or home
To reserve your opportunity, contact Tina Piccari at

– Our chashama Artcraft Studios Building, 830 12th Ave. @ 57th St. will
be open to visit between 10am & 4pm, Wed-Thur, July 14th & 15th. No
appointment needed for this venue. You will enter on the 57th St. side @
12th Ave., through the bay door and up the ramp.
This venue has mostly wood products; plywood and such. This is great for
people who are working on building projects.

– This is open to everyone.
– You may come on the first day and then you must take your selections
later that day before 4pm or on the second day. If you are taking
something large, please have your own transportation and bring someone
to help you lift.
– Both storage facilities have many things not listed here and we
strongly advise that you come take a look to see what you can use.
– If you have any questions, please contact Tina Piccari by *_EMAIL
ONLY_* at

As technical director, I’ve gotten plenty of use of all these materials
and hope they will find a new use for the years to come with you. It
would be painful to see it all go into a landfill, becoming more
pollution in our already over-polluted Earth.

We are also looking for a few good volunteers to help us organize the
space as things go out. Please let Tina know if you will be available to
help for part or all of any of the clean up days.

*The great news:* Once our storage spaces are cleared, we will be
reconfiguring them to create affordable artist storage as well as a
fully inventoried facility to enhance the resources for our rental program.

Looking forward to see you all,
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2 Responses to “free Art supplies & stuff”

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  2. Marco Fabiano Says:

    Good sentiments, thoughtfully expressed!

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