pathetic ny photo awards announcement

i am really disappointed with the nyphotoawards whom just posted the entire winners of the award on 7/6/2010 of a festival held on 5/12-16/2010 with awards given out on 5/14/2010 via their unsigned newsletter.

were these guys drunk and in jail or in rehab? i know they weren’t off fighting a war unless it was with themselves. can you image the incompetence of a photo festival in not showing the pictures of the winning image? or announcing the winners two months after the awards were given out

these guys are the most inept festival organizers well i am being nice even to think they were organized which this just proves.

i’ve given my time and energy, to say nothing of entry fees money, volunteering for this festival and i’ll never do it again.

i questioned the choice of exhibits and  artist but i gave them the artistic latitude which didn’t fit my aesthetic judgment but then again who am i?

it seems i am more on the ball than this group of bimbos. a fool is one who is fooled twice and i will not be one anymore. too many of these festivals and  photograph contest are all about making money for the organizations. it seems this is one of them.

boo who for the loss of a fine opportunity. the fools are amongst us, least they not be us.

maybe they will go away before suckering more young photographers only if we ignore them.


One Response to “pathetic ny photo awards announcement”

  1. marywehrhahn Says:

    Don’t hold back… tell us how you really feel about this.

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