art hampton’s update

well busy weekend for sure. first it was driving out to the Hampton’s, route 27 is no picnic as traffic has been jammed on it for years and this past thursday was no exception. but we made it in time, mary always is punctual while i am a bit lax on time, as we were staying with a friend whom had invited us for dinner after the special preview.

mary checking in

seems like most of the surrounding towns people showed up, some colorful characters as the invitation said casual business attire.


more art patrons

sailor dance

but the hardest part for me was to find the HP prints that i had written about. it took a lot of sleuthing to find the prints. i had to go back to the computer and research my post as well as HP web site to look up the photographer Elliott Erwitt then find a gallery that was representing him. Magnum photo. now why couldn’t that have been more readily available? it wasn’t, oh well.

elliott erwitt pictures

the prints were beautiful, but my photography wasn’t the best catching the booth lighting reflection. we did speak with the curators of the gallery and show about the quality of the prints and how exciting these developments are to the art of photography. they really need to be seen in person but since magnum only has galleries in london or paris (although there is also an agency office in NY)  it might be worth a trip, i guess most of us will have to wait until HP rolls out the publicity machine for the software.

when we first started walking around the room mary said ‘maybe we’ve been to too many of these shows as we were seeing artist work we’d seen many times before’. but we did see some new and exciting work and some expanded work from other artist.

here is a small sample of Peter Bynum‘s work being shown at Van Brunt Gallery of his paintings on glass which are very organic. they are done on different sheets of glass stacked together. very cool.

another artist we found interesting was the sculptor Rainer Lagemann represented by Oxenberg gallery. lagemann sculptures captures the human body in motion, a freeze frame of classic, timeless gestures and emotions. he uses hollow metal squares  which represent the trails and tribulations of life and the four cornered squares are intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual.

rainer lagemann people

i did like Jeff Muhs work of fuzzypictures shown here with some male bonding seemingly going on in this picture. the painting in the background may have been sold as it was replaced on the second day by an adaptation of vermeer’s  ‘girl with pearl earring’ with the artist being represented by the McNeil Art Group by the woman in the red dress.

jeff muhs

we did run into an artist’s work, who we first saw at a small nyc gallery called Merge gallery whom i am told is no longer in existence, who works in cows blood and resin called Jordan Eagles. he’s being represented by benjamin krause gallery now. they are really amazing to see in person so vibrant.

jordan eagles

along with a woman caught sampling his work

but all this rubbing elbows with art connoisseur’s can start to get to one especially before dinner in a hot tent in the middle of a dusty field

entrance way

keeping one eye on the clock so as to not be late for our dinner appointment and the other on art and people one misses a few things.

sorry i didn’t catch the name of this gallery, but one can only do so much.interesting work though.

but there is only so much time in a day and i am afraid i’ve spent a lot of it on this post today. enjoy



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  1. Hampton Art Wood-Mounted Rubber Stamp Corset By The Each Reviews Says:

    […] art hampton’s update « Fuzzypictures's Weblog […]

  2. marywehrhahn Says:

    A wonderful way to spend a summer’s afternoon.

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