Adobe Lightroom 3 ‘Installation failed’

the other day my package came including my Lightroom 3 update and like all kids i just wanted to try it out  as soon as possible. so i put the dvd in the ‘puter running the latest snow leopard, won’t work on mac pro running tiger, and hit the install button.

Installation failed, now i am not the best at keeping years of passwords some going back a long time. so i pull out my scribbled notes of passwords, i am lucky to be able to read notebook but it fits into my life, make mental note redo note-book to be legible.

tried again and same results Installation failed so this time i am getting the idea something is wrong and i might need help. pull out the notebook again to look up adobe id & password. go to adobe’s web site and look under support and find my telephone number to call and do promptly press all the right numbers to speak with an agent only i am not speaking with the right kind of agent so they transfer me to technical support where i meet ravi.

ravi has me go through all the procedures he has written in the book he reads as he periodically puts me on hold but none of them work. so we connect via acrobat so he can see my screen, way cool. then we go poking around my hard drives >library etc looking for stuff that’s not there. now he believes me. all this takes a lot of time and we’ve got an opening to go to. but i feel we are making progress.

ravi wants me to download a copy of Lightroom 3 which i finally do. talks me through loading it using my serial number which is good and low & behold my LR 3 comes up showing my LR 2 catalog. at first ravi wanted me to just install LR3 and ignore my catalogs which i wouldn’t do as i’ve done a lot of work cleaning out unwanted images from these catalogs and didn’t want to screw things up again.

well up comes this photo

nude male

nude male in cave

in LR3 catalog. ravi said “do you mind if i say something?” i had no idea what he would think of a nude male or my work but hey i am game so i said ” sure not at all.” his comment blew my mind by him saying something like this as i was in awe of his words and some what taken by surprise” this the most beautiful image i’ve ever seen.”

i wondered why he’d never seen my work hanging in a gallery and bought it. oh well he’s half way around the world, i wondered what time it was there? maybe i touched him also as to other possibilities. just two people meeting over the internet for a moment in time. life is like that.

i thanked him for his comment as we then continued on with adobe business and case numbers etc. he said adobe will send me another dvd hopefully this one will work. i’ve never had a problem with an install disk before, but there are always first times for everything.

ravi made my evening a bit pleasanter, how powerful are a few kind words spoken to one another spoken from the heart. i carried his thoughts with me to the opening, more on that later.

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