The Cabinetry Heritage of Japan exhibit

yesterday i discovered a wonderful exhibit at the Nippon Club gallery called ‘Tansu’ an exhibition of historic Japanese cabinetry from the 18th century through modern times.

with pieces supplied by a brooklyn fine asian wares and antiques emporium called Shibui

stairstep chest

as only the japanese seen to work with wood in a unique way this exhibit shows the many different ways to decorate and build seemly ordinary functional pieces fo furniture.

boxes in boxes in drawers behind keyed panels.

and the real fun of this exhibit is that the pieces live in brooklyn when not at Nippon Club. for me the feel of wood is something special and in this gallery one can touch the pieces, open drawers while talking to owner Dane Owen or David Jackson about the work. how cool is that?

the Nippon Club gallery is located on the first floor at 145 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019, open free of charge,

mon-fri 10a – 6p, sat 10a- 5p this exhibit continues until aug 4, 2010 and in my humble opinion is well worth the effort.

with the rate forest are disappearing and trees cut down and being used for firewood wooden chest maybe a thing of the past. owning one of these lovely chest would be very worth while or become great stories to tell our grandchildren.



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