some new old work done today

sometimes i do shoots with the sole purpose of working on them later in photoshop to achieve what my vision is. this series is a work in progress with many fits and starts and today was no exception.

i had lots to do other than going to the farmers market and buying fresh vegetables but it was the time to sit here trying to make a few, well actually two images  happen. but the jury is still out on one of them while i love what happened with the other one.

so i’lll try and let you into my mind a bit and ‘show not tell’ one of the few things i learned in screen writing at ucla.

this is what i began with in the studio, mary made the costume as she has a sewing machine from my idea

abstract dancer suit

dancer suit

here is the final image i originally envisioned. it’s a composition of three different images reworked via layers in photoshop

birth of the tree of life

born of the tree of life

this process i learned from a very talented director i worked with on As The World Turns, Paul Lammers, adapted for sure to what i am doing now but always kept in the back of my mind. tricks sort of act that way, it has come in very useful over the years but like anything good only has limited uses.


now this image is straight from the session, notice the different quality of smoke and how it affects the photograph, while the images works on it’s own i don’t think it as powerful as the previous image.

here is the another image from the same session that i’ve done a number of times and i might get one that i really like but this will do for now

man nude birth

born of

i guess you can see that i have a thing about birth. it all comes from seeing a movie when i was young showing natural childbirth i was fascinated and i still am by the whole process, but it goes by so quickly i hardly remember seeing my own sons head pop out then body sliding into the nurses hand.

who knows really what generates our creativity. i am happy to be away from the hungry ghosts of the past and to be able to have days like today with a farm fresh vegetable salad for dinner.

don’t you just love summer?




One Response to “some new old work done today”

  1. Mary Wehrhahn Says:

    Can’t wait to see the print hanging on the wall.

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