hot summer relief, night time swim

awhile ago we were invited out to the hamptons to a friends house to get away from the city, it’s always nice to explore new places and see different suroundings. so we gladly jumped in the car and drove out to the hamptons traffic jam. that’s what it become once you exit the LIE onto Rt 27.

i haven’t been out to hamptons in years and even then traffic was slow but manageable now it’s totally unbearable i don’t know how people stand it, no matter what time of day or night. oh well

we stayed in the barn, all the animals had been moved out by the time we got there.  breakfast table and chairs set out for company.

the house was lovely surrounded with flowers all around the yard

but we arrived in plenty of time to wander around the town and see the sights have an ice cream cone before dinner. nice to be a grown up isn’t it?



dinner was lovely nice time had with friends sharing fine food and wine. i wonder who was it that first discovered wine making? What would this world be like without google even though they and verizon are trying to put roadblocks on the internet having questions answered is cool.

Certainly wine, as a natural phase of grape spoilage, was “discovered” by accident, unlike beer and bread, which are human inventions. It is established that grape cultivation and wine drinking had started by about 4000 BC and possibly as early as 6000 BC. The first developments were around the Caspian Sea and in Mesopotamia, near present-day Iran. Texts from tombs in ancient Egypt prove that wine was in use there around 2700 to 2500 BC. Priests and royalty were using wine, while beer was drunk by the workers. The Egyptians recognized differences in wine quality and developed the first arbors and pruning methods. Archeological excavations have uncovered many sites with sunken jars, so the effects of temperature on stored wine were probably known. see wine pros

but after the dishes were cleared and coffee served the swimming pool beckoned under the clear starry night. we all rushed off to change and splashed into the pleasantly cool waters. i am not very quick to pick up my camera, something i might have to learn, but i am more about being part of rather than looker on,  if you know what i mean.

but because of the loveliness of the setting i wanted to linger on the memories longer that my mind could be trusted. only a few came out but i did like them anyways.

mary being sillythat’s why i love her

m&l racing

another friend


but this is one of my favorites below. i call it ‘ swimming off world ‘

swimming off world

while these images aren’t perfect and wouldn’t make any of the people’s scrapbooks because you can’t see faces i hope that sometimes my work captures the feeling of the moment. would i make the cut at life magazine if it were still around, i don’t think so.

i call this blog fuzzypictures because what with the advent of auto focus cameras, yes i have a few myself, it’s not about a fine focused image. yes i do have a few around here somewhere but sometimes it’s just not important.


2 Responses to “hot summer relief, night time swim”

  1. marywehrhahn Says:

    It certainly was a lovely memorable night… just one too many grappas if I recall.

  2. on-r News Says:

    you have a nice post..
    keep posting and have a nice day 10:37

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