more Keira Grant nudes

sometimes i make myself sick doing things and not really paying attention to what i am doing. well so far that’s exactly what i’ve been doing today.

first mistake is having missed the PDN digital contest  which closed monday. I had a very nice image i wanted to submit but needed to clean it up a bit. oh well, lets move on to today where i wanted to go through the Keira Grant shoot

keira grant

and send some images she has requested but these images she’s never seen so this is also for her as much as it is for you

female nude

keira thinking

i retouched 7 images. had to move a open eye to one of them which i liked better than the closed eye she had in that take. so time to resize them and save for the web. i have an photoshop action for that, to save me time. well i ran the action thinking it would save the jpegs to my desktop and i’d drag and drop where i wanted them later.

female nude

keira streching

what i really did was resize the tiffs and save them as tiffs and not jpegs. so now i have some small tiffs which are useless  and  small jpegs which i can use for the web. ugh

making myself more work instead of less. what do they say ‘ if i didn’t have bad luck i’d have no luck at all’

female nude

keira praying

maybe this is what i should be doing to the Adobe gods, i wonder if it would really help? this old agnostic probably would get hit by lightning.

female nude

waiting for the gift

female nude

angel wings flapping

female nude

eye 4 an eye

i can’t hear myself thinking because the sun is streaming in here through the window telling me to go outside.

female nude

keira sitting

so what i need to do is just finish this posting up and move on to finding car parts as the xr7 money pit has gone to the paint shop and begin shooting the wedding rings so invitations can get designed and go out in the mail.


4 Responses to “more Keira Grant nudes”

  1. marywehrhahn Says:

    My 4 favorites are angels winging flapping, waiting for the gift, Keira praying and Keira streching (stretching) because they go well with the adam/ eve series you are working on. Love the lighting – reminds me of Caravaggio.

    Now on to the wedding rings shoot.

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