wedding invitation, sounds simple?

when mary and i do weddings the part i always love to do are the details, like rings, shoes and bouquets. the same thing when i worked at WNET was the gifts on pledge break, no producers just the cameraman, stagehand myself and the products. loved it.

also a good time to check out my micro stuff with the 5D Mll which i’ve never done changing lenses starting with the 50mm and my adapter lenses of +4 then the +10 whoa, talk about close. but my 72mm doesn’t have a +10 the highest is a +4,+3,+2. i went with the 24-70 72mm lens opening it up to 24mm. the 50mm with the +10 was cool but didn’t show enough of the whole composition.

wedding invitation pic

wedding invitation pic

here is the one mary said she liked best. now getting here seems simple enough but looks can be deceiving.  these images don’t do the picture justice but give you a general idea of final product. it’s like those photo mags who show you pictures of the step by step photoshop actions. only problem are the pictures are too small for a human to read. well i’ll do the same here.

Screen shot

Screen shot

if you can read this i’d be surprised, but it does show you that after capture there are details needing attention. nothing just happens in 6 layers. it all began with the letter mary wrote beginning with ‘ it’s not everyday, that love enters your heart.’ then come the rings, hers was the easiest  but not a traditional wedding ring but called an ‘Eternity’ ring because it’s a band of diamonds surrounding the finger. shes going to wear her mothers wedding ring also so the two rings really go together nicely.i just wanted a plain band which after much consideration is what i went with.

but the devil is in the details and because of needing certain parts of the image in focus, not my usual forte, other parts needed blurring, ugly shadows removed and some bright spots toned down. the last thing i did here was to add the sunflower reflection to the lock face from another capture, because this one looked plain and boring.

whole lighting setup

whole lighting setup

not a pretty site is it? but wait there is more.

the pattern comes from a piece of blackwrap shown here attached to a gobo arm attached to C stand with a mafer clamp. a quick and dirty way of doing patterns something i did on CBS 60 minutes show.

but it all began with tilting the table so i had a better angle, having two of David Pogue’s book came in handy

so the altman fresnel is a source for gobo, a wall reading lamp with a 75 w frosted bulb for right fill and an MR 16 spot with frost lighting the sunflowers from camera left. the shadow in the middle is my tripod.

so just to get this shot is a half a days work. now the next thing on the list is music. mary asked what’s your favorite songs, duh. so the story goes.


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