money pit painting

warning warning will robertson. i should have listened but i was blinded by the possibilities of owning a convertible of my dreams.


we go from this back end original color

to just this peak

the final phase is in progress as we read. we picked out a metallic red for the car the last time we went to the body shop ugh. trying to match original Ford colors with new water based paint ain’t easy, at least not going back to the 70’s as is our car. do red cars get more tickets? guess we’ll find out.

doors & trunk

but feeling the sanded metal quarter panels gave me chills as they were as smooth as a babies bottom. the body work was excellent although we’ve no idea of the cost which will probably open our eyes to the reality of car restorations.

then the other side, i haven’t seen the car yet these were taken by mary from outside the paint booth but from the looks of it this is being done the right way. so much of our time, blood, sweat and tears have gone into this car. i’ve lost count how many times we’ve taken out and replaced the heater, learned easier if we disconnect the dash board from the body and pull it out of the way in order to pass the support heater bracket.

here is our new quarter panel and striker post, well the post is old but much better than the one we had. the more i look at these pictures i get excited just thinking about driving it. the best part of all is mary doesn’t have to change lipstick colors.

we maybe able to exchange some of our photography talents to the body shop as they want a web site for the shop and a brother-in-law’s beauty parlor. oh well we’ll see what happens.

so far all we want to see is the car put back together, i’ve got another big job ahead.



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