dateline panama

well here i am in hot humid panama city, not sure if il be able to post any pictures for awhile and learning a microsoft keyboard is challanging.

mary had her opening this afternoon so i am hoping she will post something on her blog. another photographer we know vlad kenner was part of the show so that was nice.

i wasn´t able to be there as i had to get lost in newark airport. wouldn´t you know it, oh well at least i was early, mary seems to be having a positive effect on me.

panama is still a third world country in many ways but this city is full of skyscrapers and street people. what i came down her eto photograph seems to be getting fazed out, the diablos rojs. the wonderful busses that we found last time, four years ago. but life has a way of moving on.

i just how in the daytime i can fine more than i did tonight. i thought of jay mazel wandering al the streets and airports of the world taking pictures. it´s something i don´t  feel comfortable doing and may never feel.

i am not him and sometimes i don´t feel like myself whom ever that is. just trying to keep my readers abreast of my life.


One Response to “dateline panama”

  1. weighty Says:

    gonna send this to my mom

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