panama’s diablo’s rojos

well dear readers i haven’t found anywhere to load some jpegs up nor a computer or photo store to get a card reader. sorry about that, the weather is nice but hot, i don’t have to go in the steam room because after a few hours my clothes are soaked.

the project of shooting the diablos rojos as they are called is working out pretty good would be better if i knew what i was going but the drivers and their, i don’t know what to call them as each bues has a fellow riding with it who calls out where the bus is going to the awaiting passengers.

each buse is painted by different artist any way they see fit, of course allowing each owner there due. some of them have extensive lighting on them for night driving.

the buses were left here by the us army when they left the canal, sold i guess or maybe given away and are pretty solid but how they’ve been maintained isn’t the greatest. so are even yellow school buses but they are boring.

the helpers or callers for want of a better word sometimes pose in front of the buses and most of them seem to love seeing their pictures. their age groups differ from the old guys to just kids. i was thinking while waiting for a new batch of buses who has ever cared for them? they are just disposable workers who are lucky to have jobs.

at some point these diesel smog spewing diablos are going the way of the doo bird and be replaced by bright shinny new ones. maybe even air-conditioned and bigger so more people can fit in, don’t know how they do it now. but will the city give these buses to these old drivers and clean uniforms?

what do you think? my bets on keeping the new buses  clean along with new drivers. the city has added traffic lights a first along with sewerage treatment plants. this place is coming along.

 to see the amount of new building and renovations i s unbelievable, money is just pouring into this place along with cars and people oh did i mention traffic jams?

i can’t wait to share this new project with everybody.


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