The Breezes Panama, not my kind of place, but the Los Diablos Rojos

i was invited down by a friend who said they were considering in looking to maybe buy a place in panama. my first reaction was then why are you going here? JP said come on down ,we’ll have some fun enjoy ourselves as this place is an all inclusive vacation spa. i had to think about it for a few days.

Panama yes there is something i want to do down there i thought. something i hadn’t really had a chance to do my last trip and one doesn’t get offers like this all the time. all i had to do is pay my way down and everything else would be taken care of. so after much consideration i booked my flight.

i was to rent a hertz car in panama city and drive the 2 hours or so down to playa santa clara, playa meaning beach of, but the breeze isn’t actually in santa clara just a little before it. driving in panama city is interesting especially when the GPS goes blank and i’ve never driven there before. but that’s another story.

breeze hotel & spa

spanish speaking armed guards at entrance, reservaction? well because i am a cute american i did get to the hotel even though the guard and i never understood each other, this isn’t esalen just a hotel spa in panama. i didn’t look like a desperado on the outside.

well i’ve been to these types of places before but then i was working a venue like a fashion show that would but the place out for the week or so but i’d never book something like this for myself. i am too much of an individualist to fit in with this type, yes they are a type and i won’t say anything more about them. it’s i have different values and tastes than people who go to these places do.

lovely place,constantly painted  brand new opened october 2009.

breezes back & pool

breezes back & pool

hotel along with a condo tower and smaller residences

condo tower

golf course where one can play a round alone being the olny one on the course, lots of wadding pools for the kiddies and this one fairly large pool for the adults but no olympic size pool although they do have an ocean behind me but panama is a growing country and sewage disposal is a new term to the infrastructure, why else would they have a big ocean right at their doorstep.  shit and plastic are growing problems everywhere especially here.

breeze drainage stream

not sure where sewer treatment plant is but this is a drainage for streets and glof course. as someone said on trip advisor after walking the ocean front at low tide and seeing the debris in the sand they had second thoughts about swimming there again. but this may not be the case here, i really don’t know. this drainage does drain right into the swimming beach.

view from the room

breeze pools day

breeze pools nite

lovely to look at but no night swimming or hanky panky. rooms are nicely decorated with flat screen tvs but  have paper thin walls which i don’t understand because concrete is the building material of choice in panama. this is a family resort with canadians, colombians, costa ricans and panamanians in attendance.


Breeze does have a hertz office but they only speak spanish. driving in panama is pretty easy so renting a car and exploring can be fun.

wine and liquor flow freely but since i only taste wine my experience is limited but i found the wine rough. the dinning room is large

dinning room breeze

something quirky about the banquettes being close to 9″ lower than the chairs at the tables, convient for just pushing food from your plate into ones mouth. but if your short and you companion is tall you’ll  be looking up their nostril all evening. the coffee is good panamian coffee, the kind starbucks wish they made instead of the burnt beans they use in their shops. the food is mediocre i call is middle class swill. plenty of it though and many were going back for their favs.

i did get jp up to el valle to the artisan flea market, we all bought some stuff, i a nice fiber bowl which goes into my collection of bowls. but i was itching to get on with our adventure once on the road.

unfortunately things happened by beyond my control and the very next day we began the unplanned portion of the trip. i did get my chances to take some final pictures of panamain Los Diablos Rojos that roam the streets of panama city  acting like buses. but the night is old and my body is tired so i’ll leave that leg of the trip for another post.

these and the people who work on then are my subjects

panamaian diabloes rojos

panamaian los diabloes rojos

so with this i’ll say good night



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