Canon Expo, September 2010, nyc my impressions ‘we speak image’

the beginning of september i had an opportunity to attend the Canon Expo here at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center held once every five years, guess i am lucky. i’ve ment to post this sooner but the trip to panama came up so quickly i had no time, now the hard part is getting the money for expenses promised.

i must say Canon Expo is quite an event from the opening impression on. it’s nice to see a show hiring a lighting designer to do the lighting and i wonder who the team of set and lighting designers were. the unsung team

Canon Expo entrance

Canon Expo seminar entrance

to the seminars i attended, a couple as i was only available for opening day. but to quote Canon Expo web site This unique event showcases the full scope of Canon imaging as you’ve never seen it before. You’ll experience the latest imaging products and technologies in real-world scenarios. You’ll also get personal insights and best practices from industry experts. And you’ll learn how the future of imaging can have a profound effect on your life and your business. Now is your chance to discover it all at Canon EXPO 2010 New York, where the possibilities of imaging are infinite. so this post will mostly be pictures of the event.

Canon Expo image montage

with lots of color slide presentations and 3D images

Canon Expo photo montage

Canon Expo

to demonstration areas for DSLR cameras and accessories

Canon Expo demo area

the whole expo had some pretty cool lighting, trusses with theatrical lighting everywhere and miles of black velour blocking the daylight making the Javits Center one big black box

Canon Expo hallway

with cool hallways leading from one pavilion to another. Canons whole line of products were displayed from medical imaging. no these guys were actual doctors and not actors playing a part. i had an interesting conversation with one fellow about amounts of radiation given off by one xray machine. they have lowered the amount of radiation a great deal from past machines and are continuing to make advances. i asked about software limiting the maximum amounts a machine could operate under thinking about the UCLA scandal were they were unknowingly administering lethal doses with their machines and didn’t pay attention to their patients complaints.

Canon Expo medical area

Canon Expo environmental room

to a full scale fashion shoot replete with , fashion models and lead photographers who’s images were projected on a large overhead screen

Canon Expo fashion gallery

Canon Expo fashion gallery

Canon Expo fashion guest photog

the guest photographer i saw was , names aren’t my strong point, but i think it was Douglas Kirkland

Canon Expo my fashion image

but i gave it a few moments trying my hand at this fashion stuff which looks pretty easy but looks can be deceiving, then getting discouraged with my location traveling  more hallways

Canon Expo hallway

all leading to free coffee and soft seats

Canon Expo center lobby

oh did i leave something out?………Product ROW introducing the new Canon 60d camera with a swivel led screen and lenses. a camera without an on camera flash or a pc connection on the camera, cool huh?

Canon Expo product row

this was a feast of Canon products.

Canon EXPO 2010 New York is a remarkable gathering of the extended Canon community, including thousands of imaging professionals from around the world. Much more than an exhibition, it’s a total experience unlike any other. So take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to explore new products and technologies, celebrate the ongoing innovation of Canon – and experience the infinite possibilities of imaging.

so we in New York say good by to Canon Expo for another five years wondering what the future holds for us we are left with a few pretty images and questions. i wonder what Nikon is up to.



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