rainy monday mornings work, Aubrey in corsets

this past sunday i worked with a young woman model named aubrey doing an Edwardian corseted shoot. i’d been toying with the idea of using a mirror i’d found on the street years ago which had some damage which i thought would be easily fixable, i was right and can’t notice the repair, even my critical eye.

the last female nude shoot with keira grant i did was to complete my adam and eve series but in thinking about it, while i got some good single nudes what i really need are  images of them together which seems harder than i thought it would be to find the right couple. so i moved on to panama project which is still very much in the works and forgot about nudes for a while.

i found aubrey through and adv in manhattan figure study group, a group i’d left along time ago because i would light something and people would take pictures and post then on the internet as their work, yes they did push the shutter so it was their picture but i never got credit for lighting it. i don’t mind teaching people how to, which is what i use this blog for but these are my images and i mark and copyright them as such.

aubrey intrigued me with the offer of having edwardian corset props. i wondered how i’d look in one but we are different sizes. but  letting my imagination run free anyways i remembered the mirror so i contacted her. she was excited about the idea as well so when she had some free time we booked it for sunday afternoon. mary was able help set up the studio beforehand but had to leave due to prior commitment.

the set up consisted mostly of blacking out the room as i had figured the lighting positions beforehand, three lights – one with a softbox strip over the mirror and one from each side. simple.

although in this image there are only two lights being used due to my fooling around with them, but it worked out because the back light also lights her face due to reflection in mirror.

female nude with white edwardian corset

i’ve decided to start taking head shots of all my models because a lot of people are looking for the perfect photographer to capture their images, make to make themselves a star and why not? we are all here together.

aubrey zich

this is an un-retouched image straight from the camera, nice to have great skin.i am a master of finding ugly angles but having young models helps.

female nude with curtain & mirror

female nude with curtain & mirror

this was the big set up even for the head shots, i wanted to try and get the curtain pattern projected on her body but it didn’t work here. i’ve done this on movies and television but would have taken more hands than i had. so do the shot and move on.

female nude wearing white corset

female nude wearing white corset

i think we got some nice images out of this afternoon, btw it does take a lot of time getting into and out of these things as they lace up.

female nude adjusting white corset

but i do think the afternoon was well worth the effort although i didn’t have to get in and out of those corsets

corseted female wearing blk mask & boots

corseted female wearing blk mask & boots

these are her street boots that i think add an (erotic) dimension to the session, that of course depends on ones pov.

corseted female putting on stockings

masked corseted female putting on stockings

but stockings and garters are always fun unless you get caught up in them, ouch.

White corseted woman

did someone come in ?

but then i said gee i’ve got this study i am finding it hard to find people to work on which is about peoples ability to be able to touch each other both physically and mentally which these

female nude wearing pearls & black gloves

wearing pearls & black gloves


this one below is one of my favorites as everything lines up nicely. of course we changed the set up somewhat and got all  the lighting working for this shot.

corseted female nude

looking in a mirror as young girls do

but there are a lot more images, it’s just i am tired of working on computer. it must be lunch time, what i missed lunch again and it’s now dinner? now i know where my life goes, down some pixel hole working to blind the photographer. do you know there are a group of blind photographers working?

i’ve got to do something about my web presence these half measures aren’t cutting it. well it’s suppose to rain again tomorrow.



5 Responses to “rainy monday mornings work, Aubrey in corsets”

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