Verizon phones, don’t ever get a CDM8950, your life may depend on it.

i know this blog is about photography and art but how can one run a business, even an artful one if there is no communication? recently i resigned a two year contract with verizon coordinating my contract with my partner mary. having the same phones is so much easier not having to move chargers around from cars to home and back again.

i’ve had numerous verizon phones from qualicom, motorola, and now brand x. i have sent emails to verizon complaining about this phone only to receive an automated response i can send the phone back with a restocking fee. i wish verizon carried motorola phones that would suit my life style.

but this new phone CDM8950 is the worst piece of sh.. i’ve ever had. now i only use a cell phone for phone calls. i don’t need a camera as i happen to have too many of those nor do i use the v cast music feature i have an ipod and riding the subway playing games seems silly to me. but hey people do it.

what bothers me is i am not getting my messages nor do i hear the phone in city traffic. it somehow turns the volume down to nothing in my small hands, so my calls go directly to voicemails which i may get the next day or not. i am still waiting for notification of one from my son sent hours ago.

the worst thing is that when the battery is low or dying it gives a one minute warning before turning off. yes that’s right,  end of conversation, oh too bad you were in the middle of a life and death situation and with the phone off EMS will never be able to find you.

there are so many things in life that need our attention and getting good phone service and quality products shouldn’t be one of them. but as we can see by the banking scandal it’s all about me or them. a good company like verizon letting the hardware mar their reputation seems silly. but these decisions are made about pennies in rooms far removed from day to day daily life by people who don’t use these products.

so if i can deter one person or two from making the same mistake i made by going with a salesman recommendation and not get one of these monster products, fine. this maybe the end of my long relationship with verizon, they seem more interested in trying to selling me Fios everything.

and with this midterm election and the dire predictions of a republican resurgence, where is our long term memory? aren’t they the ones who got us here, in this mess to begin with?

well just vote, we already did because we aren’t going to be here on election day. maybe it will help, maybe not. today we begin our amtrak adventure of seeing america and we are both excited.


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