the great american train adventure

mary and i are on our way across america by train. it’s something neither ne of us has done before, we traveled in Italy and Japan via train  bit nothing like this. i was raised around steam locomotives, seeing them roll out of the factories and every summer i’d see them chugging up towards whitehall ny when we were on our way to vermont.

so i looked forward to this trip. i’ve experienced train travel along the northeast corridor going to washington dc and new york and it wasn’t much fun, except the meto liner, but that began an dended in either city. amtrak just hasn’t kept up with the rest of the world and i don’t know why? flying isn’t much fun more like a modern day bus terminal. but amtrak has let it’s rolling stock deteriorate terribly. but that’s not the point of this story, just an after fact.

train travel can be cramped as is ours because we are on the bottom of the sleeper food chain, better than coach and free microwaved meals but each line has different coaches. we first begin with the north shore limited, from nyc to chicago.

mary relaxing

we stat by going north along the hudson river

autumn trees

a house whizzes by

late in the afternoon 3:45pm which i guess is better in the summer

sunset along the hudson

trees, houses, bridges whiz by unknown place as we are unknown people passing through early evening

bridge across hudson

to albany where we meet up with one coming from boston and they hook up to us, mary sits in the lounge car, a misnomer if ever there was one.


then on to buffalo alone  lake erie shore and into chicago union station. but we have to learn to live in our snug cell down stainless steel hallways

train corridor

top bunk

but what i see from my place


but we survive as do everyone else on the train as we walk the long long walk into union station, but more on that later



One Response to “the great american train adventure”

  1. Robert Lee Says:

    Great pictures! My wife and I rode the same train about a month ago. It was an experience. Drove cross country then took the train back from Seattle to New York. Wrote a lot about it here

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