reno, nv ; moving west but first another stop

we are finally moving west towards our final destination. reno is our last stopover seeing mary’s friends and catching up on years long past. we were told the reno train station was in the middle of town and blocked traffic but we found that to not be true now. but there is a sense of frontier town still here. reno isn’t too big a city although it like every other american city it’s got it’s share of sprawl .

reno amtrak station


the amtrak tracks have been renovated with a project called ‘retrac’ and a display put in the old station of artifacts dug up during construction which shows shards of pottery, nails, pictures of fire cisterns adding to the wild west feel of the town. i enjoy perusing the displays waiting for our ride.

reno train station display

but now it’s all about gambling and we know how well that’s going with all this disposable income everyone has thanks to the republican austerity years. thinking about the money spent on this election as a big waste, makes me sick. i guess if i owned a tv station i’d feel different  but i don’t.

train station window

i wonder where the balance to life has gone? we all seem to have fallen into fear, afraid our house, job, wife or even dog will turn on us and we will not be loved and cared for. i never thought i’d see these days here in this country, i blame the suits. they are the cause of all this turmoil and greed slowly strangling our society of the dreams we had in the 60’s & 70’s. i can only remember and not fully live them.

we are picked up at train station and whisked off to roses house where we drop our bags and head off to lake tahoe. nice to see the snow dusted mountains behind the city as we head up to the summit. mary and rose chat and i enjoy the scenery. crossing the summit we come to an overview of lake tahoe

lake tahoe

pretty cool but a bit chilly. then mary sees the size of the pine cones on the trees

pine tree

and thinks they’ll be cool to give to the ‘girls’ (grandchildren) so i go down the cliff and get one for mary. we then pick up two more for the ‘girls’ on the beach.

pine cones

there is a high class restaurant, meaning expensive  place right on the beach with a gas fire pit and chairs which comes in handy warding off the autumn chilly. mary catches up on years past and my mind wanders looking out at the lake. we missed seeing any aspens in color in colorado by months  but here are a couple, not really spectacular but nice anyways


aspens lake tahoe

and finally the dock.

dock at lake tahoe

now the expensive wine safe and sound deep in our bellies we head back to our lodgings at roses house.all in all a very nice two day visit with people i’ve never met before, which has not always been comfortable for me, meeting new people. but as i age i seem to be more comfortable around strangers. life has a way of adding small changes helping us along. so in a couple of days we will continue our journey out to the coast getting closer to our final destination. we drop our pines cones at the post office lighting our load to continue our last leg of this adventure. another short train trip then overnight in a motel before finally catching our thruway bus to willits ca.


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