onward to the land of golden sunsets

another day of travel packing and dragging suitcases to another train. thinking of where we’ll be next but first getting out of here.

downtown reno

reno bus station

and of course a cowboys pickup truck

new cowboys horse

pretty cool buses but i think some of them are diesel fuel, don’t remember if this is one of them. but soon our delayed train, yes another one and the same old excuse freight train in front of them. but the train station is comfortable and not too crowded.

here comes the train

baggage is still handled the old way which is pretty cool

baggage wagon

we are traveling coach because our ride is only a few hours over the sierra mountains again we get behind another freight train almost to a walking crawl. but by this time on our trip i am getting bored taking pictures out the train window but iam surprised to not find any snow in the mountains.

dead pine tree

so during our last lunch aboard amtrak while mary was chatting with another dinner across the way i drifted off watching this flower change color as the light changed.

table flower

but soon we are to arrive

rocks & trees

but none too soon for my taste we pull into our final train destination. martineze,ca.

martineze station

martineze station clock tower

how do we get to our motel. mary has the station manager call us a cab but along comes one named ‘the chosen one’ whom we hail. we feel lucky to have found him and  arrange to have him pick us up in the morning and return us to the station for our three hour thruway bus ride.



by the sea


it seems like paradise after being cooped up in the train for almost to the hour a week. there wasn’t one train where everything worked, no lounge car had working restrooms and our last train from reno didn’t have a door that closed between cars and i wondered what it was like going through the 4 mile tunnel from denver, the train crew warns people not to travel between cars then. but our tunnels weren’t than long but still how do they keep these cars in service?

but here we are at least for a week before ending our trip on virgin america going home. what we came to do, get married happens on the day mary had wanted. monday we did a location scout to find our place and i think we did alright. it was a sunny afternoon when we started getting dressed and ready then the fog rolled in and we thought shi…. but just as soon as we started the ceremony the sun came back out warming us up and making for some pretty cool pictures.

wedding ceremony spot

that’s mendocino in the background and the ocean crashing on the rocks below. so now we are man and wife. who would have thought that 6 years ago this is the way it would turn out? hey you never know

outside our window

is life art or is art life? does it really matter?




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