goodby Mendocino Ca. final pictures

the great american adventure , mary’s and my train travel across and conclusion in caifornia is over. bills are recorded time to move on other projects needing attention so i’ve burned the last disk of images, twelve in all 48 gb of images. there is no way of sharing all. but this is a start

mendocino hotel, calif

wandering around the town taking everything in



town of mendocino ca

but as i wander around so does my mind as i discover new things

garden light

tower house

fence with red plastic tack


and of course where there is light then comes darkness

mendocino fire dept

sunset over mendocino

sunset over mendocino

etched window

house for sale

silhouette, mendocino ca

but what would any picture story of mendocino be without the famous carved topping to this downtown icon.


a topping to a wonderful trip. well worth the effort of dragging suitcases on and off trains every few days then resting and celebrating our wedding in a quaint town such as this.



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