My life as a photography subject. who needs photo salon?

i’ve been asking a member of photo salon held each 3rd wed at soho photo to show my work there to the members who are mostly commercial photog’s and have been ignored by emmanuel on each request.

photo salon is the playground of The Photogroup Salon Committee
Jay Maisel, Howard Schatz, Bill Westheimer, Jack Reznicki, David Hodgson, Rich Pomerantz, Emmanuel Faure all of whom are excellent photog’s in their own right, they started photo salon to show their work to friends and family, but have expanded to show others as well.


i am the type of person who takes these things personally; rejections, acceptances, awards etc but try and put on a humble public face. yes it does hurt not to be accepted no matter where from the playground as children to the workplace.

it’s true i didn’t voter for myself during voting for my first emmy back in 1985. i thought that it wasn’t right to vote for yourself, of course i was lucky others voted me a winner. where did i get these cockamamie ideas? the next year of my second nomination i did vote for myself and won again. but that’s neither here nor there.

Philip F Clark writes in his The Artpoint blog about the painter Max Rodriguez that he ‘understands that art is an act of freedom.’ well so do i and others have that same right.

reflections-inspired by jay maisel

but looking at my work now, maybe they are right that i don’t fit the groups esthetic nor commercial aspect.

man on the stairs

after all my work is really just a snap shot of my life. i can’t take pictures of someplace i’ve not been to. it’s a real chore keeping up with my life photography and trying to run an informative blog such as this, but what the hell else do i have to do during the daytime? so these images are a part of my life where i’ve been

metal door

but my life isn’t something i do for others pleasure, I DO IT FOR ME. i love to share my occurences and discoveries with others, how i see things


or what i don’t see but am there anyways. so i’ve come to the same conclusion that groucho marx came to, of not wanting to belong to any club who would have me.

man with cell phone

so i’ll just continue doing what i do, wandering around the city taking pictures as  photographers have done since the invention of photography or maybe i’ll go below and see what there is to see.




hatchway door handle

moving down deeper into the innards of life, as was shared by a teacher of mine’ Self discovery isn’t always good news’

ship walls

engine room

until we get to the proverbial locked door, do we have what it takes to open the door and see what’s behind it?

chained door

oh well so photo salon won’t let me be a part of them. i’ll just have to continue doing what i do and they will be the lesser for it. i know i am loved and a fairly talented guy who’s just doing this because i love to make pictures. this is my life. thank you for sharing in it.


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