beware of duty free stores

these past few months i’ve been going through airports and as i pass duty free stores i stop in and and check for bargains ever since we bought a bottle of champagne coming home from paris. i wasn’t too happy with the bottle thinking it was mundane champagne but the sentiment was nice as we shared the contents.

told mary my favorite champagne was a Veure Clicquot Ponsardin brut which we didn’t find in Orly-Charles de Gaulle airport. so every time i have time to kill i wander through the duty free stores checking prices. wine says the price range of the different vintages go from 1928 $1299.00 to 2003-06 is around 54.00.

my local stores here in nyc hell kitchen price ranges around 40.00 average but the duty free store in Tocumen airport, Panama city, Panama the price was $50.00 duty free. last week passing through San Francisco International airport i checked their duty free store who wanted $65.00 for the same bottle as Panama and hells kitchen.

so what i learned from this adventure is buyer beware and know your local prices before you get blinded by the phrase ‘duty free.’ they didn’t say profit free.

the reason i like this brand of champagne is i’ve never gotten a head ache during or after drinking this brew. i am not huge champagne expert nor do i know that much about wines as some do. i have learned a couple things i like and can remember, which as i walk from room to room and forget why i walked into the room, so that doesn’t say much for my memory.

knowing how many thngs we have as human beings to celebrate i just thought i’d pass this along to my readers as a public service. duty done it’s now time to snuggle up to your honey enjoying each moment you have together.


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