Dance New Amsterdam art exhibit, ‘Figure in Motion’

if you remember i’ve written about DNA before when they were being threatened with a rent increase that would drive them from their downtown location. well negotiations are continuing so when and where DNA will be is still up in the air. Maybe writing to Mayor Bloomberg asking to preserve this dance institution might help, it couldn’t hurt, and might  be the right thing to do.

i always feel a kinship with dancers knowing how hard their lives are in creating such an ephemeral art form as dance.being a member of a dance company in the 70’s i saw how hard they worked. believe me it’s not an easy life but young people are drawn to it everyday? one wonders why?

why does any artist create? a question i ask myself every once in a while. i’ve yet to come up with a definitive answer except to say it feels right and makes me sleep better.

dance seems to be in the air this week what with the movie Black Swan opening this week. see the NYTimes article which begins with ‘ TEN years of serious training and then five more toiling in the ranks. That’s how many years of dedicated study it takes on average to become a principal ballerina at a top company.’ a quick rise to the top.

but back to our subject of Griselda Healy art exhibit ‘Figure in Motion‘ in the upstairs gallery of DNA. There is no charge for admission to the exhibit. Figure in Motion is a series of figure movement sequences; working from life with DNA founder Laurie De Vito’s company of seven dancers as models; it consists of drawings and oil sketches with graphite and charcoal materials on horizontal scroll lengths of paper.

Image: Sarah, Dance Sequence graphite and charcoal on paper 2010

Griselda Healy was born in St. James, Long Island, New York. She studied still-life and landscape painting with Paul Russotto before moving to Europe, where she studied and worked as a musician and artist. Healy recently relocated to Manhattan and now has a studio affiliated with the NARS Foundation in Brooklyn, NY. She is presently continuing her work with figure and context.

i am always amazed by the positive energy dancer students exude and DNA is full of that. it fills the air around them even when they are sitting still.

this picture reminds me of a conversation i had with a Radio City Music Hall Rockette during  a time we both worked the Christmas Show. She told me of her husbands friends in Atlanta reactions upon hearing she was a Rockette as being so ‘glamorous’  to which she smiled and nodded. she had thought of this conversation while sitting in the rehearsal hall floor dressed in sweaty tights, a t-shirt, eating an orange and dog tired. what a glamorous life. she couldn’t imagine her husband’s business associates siting on the floor. but that’s what dancers do when not dancing.

so go see this exhibit when you are downtown to see how drawing, painting, photography and dancing are all part of the human experience. enjoy the rich cultural offerings this city has to offer. hey check out DNA offerings and see one of their shows.

it’s a wonderful space it would be a shame to see them lose it after all the work they’ve put into the space.


One Response to “Dance New Amsterdam art exhibit, ‘Figure in Motion’”

  1. Ann-Marie Keep Says:

    These are fantastic pieces of art that really shows the essence of movement, fluidity,dynamics and control. To me they even highlight the required strength in certain areas of the body to produce the actions and on paper you have definitely captured the use of the basic principles brilliantly!! Lovely work!!

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