Smithsonian Censorship reactions

i am personally appalled at the Smithsonian secretary G. Wayne Clough’s censorship by pulling a running exhibit ‘Hide/ Seek’ by David Wojnarowicz from the National Portrait Gallery. it again makes me wonder what kind of country do i live in and do i want to continue living here?

there must be some nice island that isn’t going to be swamped in the near future by the rising  global oceans, someplace we can drive our XR 7 convertible around in peace and not worry about some narrow minded person being upset by our art work.

Yahoos artinfo has a nice piece on this as does the New York Times have two pieces one titled ‘As ants crawl over Crucifix,Dead artist is Assailed again.’ and ‘Sexuality in Modernism: the partial history’.

hey but i wanted to see the actual video that caused all this furor so i did an google search for ‘A Fire in my belly’ and of course a YouTube link came up which i clicked on that took me to a safety link that wanted me to sign in in order to view the piece, Huh. so i went back and clicked on Vimeo which brought me directly to Fire.

after watching the video i don’t really see what this is all about. what are all these people trying to protect me from? a dead homosexual or the watching of an edited down version of the artist almost 21 minute video that was edited down to 4 minutes for the exhibit.

isn’t the Smithsonian a public funded organization? yes. then why does it react to just one or two complaints  no matter who they are from and not allowing the rest of us to be heard. talk about terrorism and the fear it creates in the community isn’t this the same thing?

i think all artist care about is to be able to create, although it’s nice to have the money to put food on the table, unless you’re dead, then you don’t need much. but hey who am i ?

just a photographer

jene youtt


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