Christmas snow storm & house

just a quick note about our day

as some of you many know and some may not, a major snow storm has hit the east coast christmas day. at least we got some warning a couple of day but i’ve never seem such a blizzard with winds whipping between 40 & 50 mph. woo hoo. but christmas eve was warm and lovely spent with family and friends. the present under the tree surrounded by the train set and stocking hung by the fireplace.

christmas tree

but after dinner cars had to be put away guest taken home as no one could afford to be trapped by the storm. well except us, me and my  honey and faithful companion. we woke up, made coffee and began reading the sunday paper. sometime in the afternoon we went to white out with the snow falling and wind blowing. sometimes the snow fell horizontally but i couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shovel snow so i could get this picture.

christmas house

in a few hours the show had covered the front porch with a four foot drift along with the steps which are gone, filled by a drift so the front yard is smooth. i’ll take some pictures tomorrow if we can make it out of the house.

and to all a good night.



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