the day after, blue sky white ground

well we survived the howling wind and swirling snow for most the whole day until night fell and we snuggled together for warmth and woke up to the world covered in a blanket of white.

after the snow storm

notice the lack of a front walk, buried under the snow drift well over four feet and the drive way was deeper. seems the wind goes from left to right on the property, actually howls from left to right at 40 mph. some blizzard people stranded at airports, in their car on the parkways , at bus terminals. guess they’ll call it the blizzard of o’10. we were very glad to be together.

snow storm house

it doesn’t look like it here but the wind is still blowing around 40 mph as we began to dig our way out the the drifts. but the birds took it in stride.

the birds

digging the car out

a very long driveway in some very deep snow. but between us, with me manning the baby snow blower, thank goodness we had one, and mary doing some shoveling we managed to get out alive, after taking long breaks.

mary doing sidewalk

and me wearing snow in my blue parka

snow blowing

white & blue

but after it was all done we came in to a nice warm fire and a hot meal.


there really is no place like home. another day another night.

no place like home

to say nothing of a clean driveway

house at night

but all and all it’s great to be alive and to live another day.


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