FM jockeys out there? Open Call for Artist Projects – ExiTrip

Open Call for Artist Projects – ExiTrip

For this project, we will distribute hacked low power FM transmitters (called the iTrip) to artists of different creative disciplines and work with them to create artworks using, though not necessarily focusing on, this device. An express goal of this project is to empower artists with diverse technical and economic backgrounds to create works using radio. This constitutes a social experiment involving creative responses to a common tool. Once an artist has completed their project, we will document the work for a book that will go to print early next year. This is a great opportunity to work with an extremely flexible piece of electronics and have your work published in a very sexy looking book.

Some background about the iTrip: We recently found these devices on ebay for about .80 cents a pop…. So we bought 500. The device’s original use was a way to listen to an Ipod through the car radio while driving.  As is, the iTrip can only take signal from a specific generation of Ipod, but with a little reprogramming, we have found a way to allow the device to be able to take any audio input. This opens up the iTrip to an array of artistic possibilities including audio effects, oscillators, wireless microphones, sensors, transmitters, micro-controller etc.   Because they are so cheap we can give you quite a few, if you want many.  While radio is the intended application, these things cost dimes on the dollar in just hardware so this could be a really cheap way to build a synth or performance gear, add some layers to visual or installation pieces, or just learn things.

Here is a link to the project website that has examples of projects in progress and more detailed technical info on the device: and also:

An essential aspect of this project is to involve a diverse group of artists, some of whom have worked with creative electronics and transmission, and some who have not. We are looking to work closely with artists who need hands on assistance to work with the device, in order to further modify it to suit the needs of their projects.

To apply, send the following to:

–          Current CV

–          Link to a website or 5-10 images, sounds or video that best represents your previous work

–          A short (less than 2 pages) proposal of how you might like to work with the ExiTrip.

Deadline is Feb 15th 2011

For questions:


Call for Papers – ExiTrip Project

We will repurpose the iTrip Nano FM transmitter to function without an Apple iPod, giving the device a new life as a self contained open-source hardware platform for subversive/creative acts by selected contemporary artists. We will then compile and document the projects produced by these artists and develop a multimedia web and print catalog around the new work.  We have selected this specific outmoded device, the iTrip Nano FM transmitter, to exemplify the potential impact of re-engineering consumer devices originally destined for landfills.  At 40¢ each on Ebay, the low price creates unprecedented distribution opportunities for a low power transmitter and encourages end-user experimentation.

An express goal of this project is to empower artists with diverse technical and economic backgrounds to create works using radio. This constitutes a social experiment involving creative responses to a common tool.

The end product of the archive research and vigorous documentation will be an online and print multimedia book. The document’s purpose will be threefold: to provide detailed technical instruction for the iTrip hack, to document the resulting artists’ projects, and to provide critical and historical context to the newly created work

The occupation of the public in Hertzian space is fundamentally controlled by access to electronic technology.  To advance the practice of repurposing commercial electronics is to further the reach, relevance, and accessibility of transmission in art and society.  The proposed project will critically, materially, and publicly develop, experiment with, and codify the historical and contemporary relationship between creative electronics and transmission artists.

For more info and descriptions of projects in progress, please see: and
We are looking for writers to contribute on any of the following topics:

1.     Creative Electronics

2.     Transmission/Radio Art

3.     Parallels between Creative Electronics and Radio Arts

4.     Design Practices (Planned Obsolescence, consumerism etc)

7.     This project as social experiment and community building

8.     Electronic Waste/ Recycling

9.     Art Historical context (hacking, radio, trash art)

10.     Subverting corporate electronics/design to make weird stuff, violating FCC regulations, pirate radio, general naughtiness etc.

** This list is in no way all inclusive, so any topics that were not listed and are relevant to the project, please feel free to mention.

To Apply send the following to

1.      A short summary of your essay.

2.      Proposed word count. We are offering three different word count ranges – Short: 700 – 1100 words, Medium: 1100 – 1800, Long: 1900 – 3000000000


3.      CV and links to any previous writing.

Deadline: Feb 15th 2011

For questions please email


jene youtt


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