submitting nude images to art contest

ugh a dastardly chore but it gives me a chance to sit here in front of my computer screen perusing hard drives and long ignored files. in a way i get to see my images in a new light as it were. today i processed color images to B&W and found some pretty cool images of a young female artist i had the privilege to work with a few years ago.


well to you observant types yes you’re right…this is a male image i threw in because i thought this was pretty cool and had worked on it also to submit to SHOTS magazine which is a B&W mag.

but i’ll try and show the images in color then B&W so we may see the difference. first let me say the young artist didn’t seem too happy with my images. she had said she was looking for images to post for fine art modeling. heck i thought that’s right up my alley so it should be pretty easy. at least i liked some of them.

young artist portrait

a bit dramatic i guess but we went all over trying different looks in the same dress and some not.


it’s hard for me to be objective about my work, love it when the clients are ecstatic but to get nothing from them is hard. i do meet a lot of people that way, maybe it’s a generational thing.

another version

then B&W


but just so you don’t get the idea we lost our vision for what she said she wanted images for we did some of these

nude female

and then this


yes the lighting is a bit dramatic as i was using my lowel lighting tungsten package.

reclining nude

but this image works much better in B&W than it does in color unlike the others above, but then what do i know, i just pushed the button


do i think any of these images are prize winning? i’ve no idea but it keeps me from causing too much trouble out here in the world, although i did submit a complaint against con edison to the public service commission and another to my landlord for the conditions in my public hallways today. it’s raining too hard to be wandering around the streets of New York.



2 Responses to “submitting nude images to art contest”

  1. ericloiselle Says:

    The reclining nude looks as if it’s a still from a David Lynch film.

  2. kyle Says:

    yeah nice

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