me and my shadow, a companion missed, not peter pan

my companion for over 13 years shadow had to be put to sleep this past monday and just remembering that makes tears start to form. she was a classy dog and fine companion right up to the end. at some point i may be able to write about her but not right now.


mary wrote a wonderful entry on her blog at NY Mero ‘Quality of Life’ about the three of us. there is a big hole where shadow use to be, but she suffered way too much from getting old. it was time we all knew it and it came pretty suddenly she was ready for a rest. she struggled so much following us, moving from room to room, but she never complained not even a whimper.  i remember how soft her hair was.

now if only human doctors would let us go that peacefully laying on the floor or anywhere. she died with dignity surrounded by her loved ones. but even some vets wanted to try and fix her kidneys which were failing, for what? didn’t they and doctors realize death become us? so does grief for those who risk love.

friday we decided to get out of the house/apt respectively and start visiting the world again. it’s been a tough two weeks what with all the snow storms, shoveling for hours although we’ve got it down pretty well.

Mary sent me some announcements of openings around town and we said ‘why not?’ it’s alway interesting to see what other artist are doing in the world so she came by and picked me up.

first we went to Art Bazaar,  artist reception 6-9pm  Group exhibition of @ 14 emerging artists. at
175 Seventh Ave.  (20th Street)  NYC. a small gallery crowded with friends of friends and a few interesting artist. one i found interesting but didn’t have time to talk with her, she seemed too busy talking with others. oh well

then we moved on to jen bekman gallery, 6 spring st, NYC, NY, for the opening of hey hot shot. i though art bazaar was small well jen bekman is tiny but filled to the brim of friends of friends overflowing onto the street. we tried to go in but couldn’t see anything too crowded so we left.

walking the street at dinner time the subject comes of where to eat? we came upon lombardi’s at 32 spring st. i told mary about the competition between them and john’s pizza both claiming to be the best in nyc, so why not give them a try. they had a  zagat quote on their awning but maybe they got that for something other than pizza.

well it was friday nite but the place had tables right away. we were lead to one of the rooms through the kitchen. i didn’t see one italian in there but we sat down and ordered a small pizza, cesar salad and a glass of wine. the salad was fine, the wine was in one of the smallest glasses i’ve ever seem and when the pizza came it was burnt. i looked at all three pizzas that were around us which looked the same to me. mary likes the crust which i also do but not with a burnt taste. oh well they just won’t get our money any more. should i have said something? maybe it just didn’t seem that important what with all that had happened this past week.


One Response to “me and my shadow, a companion missed, not peter pan”

  1. marywehrhahn Says:

    I took a break from rummaging through tons of images, lit a fire, sat in front of fireplace knowing how Shadow would take her place near me. A smile came to my mouth as a tear rolled down my cheek. Her sweetness will stay in my heart forever.

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