Diogenes daughter revealed living in NYC

this going to be a rambling post because that’s what i am feeling now. i don’t have my best listener here, it’s been 9 days since shadow passed away. i am slowly putting her stuff away bit by bit. why am i saving it? don’t really know, maybe i’ll want another dog but not soon.

life is moving along, i shouldn’t have any complaints now, no one to listen to them anyways. what ever problems i have i’ve created them myself because of the way i deal with or not deal with life. at least now i can turn up the music loud; Blondie ‘no exit’ and drown out the world without worrying about hurting doggies ears.

odd how these days come and go. yesterday was a lovely treat. i got a nice present in the form of a phone conversation that i didn’t expect. a young model came over to the studio wanting to work with me. she saw my work on a model mayhem page and asked to do a shoot. hey why not?

portrait of a young girl with gold chain

young woman portrait

i do portraits but i also wanted to explore women’s lingerie. open my horizons as it were. when i was a young man the only thing i thought about it was how fast i could get it removed but as i’ve aged i appreciate them more. i like to get pretty things for my honey, i think mary gets embarrassed when we go shopping for undergarments but i like the way she looks in them. it’s still a process of getting them off her but i like to know how pretty she looks under her clothes.

people contact me about all kinds of shoots and at some point i have to ask ‘ have you seen my portfolio? ‘ so it’s nice to find someone who has and likes to improv as i do. we began with her dressed in a white corset outfit and like every other thing in life new beginnings are delicate dance.

young woman

cute huh. but we were both pretty bored with this setting  so we moved the chair out of the way and i decided to explore something i’ve been think to do.

white corset

then CB we move in for our close up

young girl in white corset

white corset back



corset laces

and i became fascinated with how close i could get with my lens, it not being a micro, and still get an erotic feeling to this session. so i moved the model around looking for interesting compositions. as i said we were both exploring, it’s not brain surgery.

white thong

but i would suggest if you’re photographing nudes it might be wise to do it in a warm studio. yes the lights do help somewhat and i wasn’t cold wearing a t-shirt but it might effect the pictures if it’s a bit chilly.

woman's boob with shadow

notice a lovely picture of goose bumps. we both like this picture but it’s not going to get this model any work without an explanation. oh well. then she asked if we could do something with a lantern she had seen on a shelf. ‘sure why not?’

Diogenes daughter

she didn’t know who Diogenes was but i am sure people won’t even ask seeing this picture. she loved this when she saw it. i am not sure if i like this one or the one below better.  she loved this picture as one she could send home to mom. that’s nice, i like helping young girls sending wholesome pictures back home from new york, ‘look mom what i’ve been up to?’

i did think she could show this picture to her grand children as to how she looked as a young woman, maybe not something you share with your children but grand children seem safely removed. they might never imagine what you looked like as a youngster.

Diogenes daughter listens

but what the heck we both had fun and no animals were hurt in the process.



2 Responses to “Diogenes daughter revealed living in NYC”

  1. marywehrhahn Says:

    Beautiful, lighting.composition spot on

  2. kyle Says:

    yeah nice

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