whirlwind week in February, dance reviews & memories

this has been a busy week for us getting out of the house of memories, i guess soon we’ll stop looking down for shadow whom we called ‘fur trap’, as she would be waiting outside any closed-door for us to reappear. she would stick her nose in the opening and sniff  to check if we were in there. it will take some time for us to adjust to being a single couple.

of course what we are doing could be done with shadow here, going to movies, gallery openings, plays and dinners. to say nothing of making travel plans which we haven’t really begun, panama is weighing heavily on me getting back to my book project and mary is going off to europe in april. but we haven’t made any travel plans yet other than getting the xr 7 on the road and driving cross-country.

1970 xr 7 restore

it’s so nice to have someone in my life who just by being there adds another dimension, making my life so much fuller. a positive force to negate my negative vibes.

so catching up with our social life we saw ‘Black Swan‘ the only current movie up for an academy award. friends have said it was so cool  but i like my dance films closer to reality. maybe its a reflection of the times that things need to be blown up larger than life, needing more twist and turns,complications in order to hold this gen x generation’s attention.

i wasn’t thrilled with the movie, while i did connect with parts of the characters it never connected with the whole. reading Alstair Macauly ‘many faces of Black Swan deconstructed‘ in the NYTimes article on the movie didn’t help me any.

but hey i’ve aways thought Robert Altman’s movie Company the best dance company movie i’ve even seen, yes i know the hooky dance performance in thunder & lighting was a bit over the top but lovely anyways. A scene of a Lar Lubovitch pas de deux “My Funny Valentine” in a thunderstorm is no doubt meant to evoke deep, elegiac emotion with sturm-und-drang. The dancers forge on as rain and storm-detritus blow onto the stage. says dance magazine review. but whats a movie without some drama?

then we move on to an actual live dance performance at city center february 16 thru 20 called Flamingo Hoy which i urge you to see. now if i actually understood the moves and language of this dance form i might have gotten more than an evening’s entertainment but it’s director Carlos Saura, one of Spain’s most prominent filmmakers who made one of my favorite dance movies Carmen see the utube excerpt or  NYTimes review. maybe i really need to learn spanish. but having toured in the 70’s with maria alba dance company, i did learn something about the passion involved in the art form of flamingo.

Maria’s name is remembered with reverence here in new york. i remember talking to one of the flamingo dancers at ‘N’ a small tapas bar down in soho where on wednesday night you can catch a wonderful show in their small space, a real intimate experience. come on down and enjoy the show sit at the bar or one of the tables and watch the performance.

flamenco dancers at N

talk about intimate

flamenco dancer

flamenco dancers at N

last night we when down to a Adorama’s presentation by flash guru Joe McNally before heading out to dinner at Wallse located on the past site of Mother Courage, the first feminist restaurant in new york. i had a friend who managed the place who loved my son, when ever she saw him coming home from school she would give him a big hug. old neighborhood full of memories. after all it was my birthday and i decided to go to Joe’s presentation  maybe even learn something while trying something new to eat.

yes we did learn something, buy more equipment, get three assistants, and buy more equipment. well we do have each other, a big help on our shoots, if we could only get the right numbers to appear on our lottery tickets we could get more equipment. there’s an idea for another Adorama workshop ” how to pick a winning lottery number for fun and profit.” are you listening helen?

tonight we are in for a sensual experience going to Knickerbocker bar & grill for dinner and jazz, my all time favorite steak house. one never knows how long we ‘ll walk on this earth, nor be buried underneath it, and to give up a lovely experience shared with someone who loves you seems to be a shame. there may never come tomorrow so why wait? biting down on their steak is almost as good as biting  on mary’s ………………………opps.

but i’ve got to get back to work, what is writing this? yes it to is a lot of work for me to communicate with people by writing actual words on almost paper is something that’s taken me awhile to feel comfortable with. that’s where journaling has helped. so here are some non edited images from the other day.

woman on couch in black lingerie

and for the shoe fetish people

black Patten leather pumps

this is some job i’ve got, now if i could only parlay this into a money-making effort it might be more fun, oh well

mauve bra and panties with black stockings

oh it’s not too late to visit the George Segal Gallery at Montclair University as this is the last weekend to see mary’s and my prints during Art Connections 7 finally week. why don’t you stop by, hey maybe even buy something.

more of my adventures latter




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