Late call for submissions to The Stoop Gallery

late breaking news:
The Stoop Gallery is currently accepting submissions for the upcoming show date and
theme: Evolution of Power Movements
April 17, 2011 

The United States civil war, which officially ended in April of 1865, was said to be fought to end
chattel slavery; although historical evidence shows that it was a war of economics.

Nearly a century later, in April of 1960 The Student non – violent coordinating Committee
(SNCC) was formed, which played a huge role in the March on Washington, student sit ins and
protests in the 1960’s and freedom rides. Several years later in the mid – 1960’s the term “Black
Power” was coined. Currently there is a lot of rhetoric about the society we live in being post
racial and color blind. The Stoop Gallery is asking artists to consider how power movements
have evolved, what do movements to eradicate injustice look and feel like now. And how is art
an integral part of these movements?

Deadlines for submissions: March 7, 2011
Notifications of acceptance: March 17, 2011
Deadline for receiving accepted works/ Drop off: April 7, 2011
Exhibition date: April 17, 2011 2pm – 6:30 pm


Image Submission: • digital files in jpeg format at 72 dpi and 800 pixels • Up to 5 images per
submission • Video work should be under 10 minutes , Quicktime movie, vimeo and youtube are
accepted for video submission • Include an image list title, dimensions, media, and year.

ALSO INCLUDE: • Bio: 100-words or less • Artist statement: 250-words or less Artist
Statement explaining how your work relates to The Stoop Gallery theme.


Please send submissions to:


The Stoop Gallery is a space where artists display works in public spaces throughout the
borough of Brooklyn. Some neighborhoods include, Fort Greene, East New York, Crown
Heights, Flatbush, Bedford Stuyvesant, and Brighton Beach. The Gallery will push the
boundaries of fine art in a public art space and encourage community engagement with fine art
in a neighborhood setting. The art shows will take place on stoops in Brooklyn where
homeowners will volunteer their stoops and host the shows. The Stoop Gallery shows, will take
place on Saturdays and/ or Sundays, once per month during the Summer and Fall and each show
will feature three visual artists. There will also be opportunities to feature one installation artist,
who will be able to transform an entire stoop with their installation piece.


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