impression of the Armory show 2011

Just walking through pier 92 & 94 is a day in itself but then writing about can be overwhelming. i am not really an art critic nor do i know any of them. i am just a guy with a camera, i took my 20d, 1.8 50 mm, which is really an 85mm lens figuring the 1.6 sensor factor just to add a degree of difficulty. the 5d m II  with the 2.8  28-70mm is too heavy to drag around all day. but Jay Maisel drags around a huge Nikon all day and he’s 80. Jays work really inspires me and i’ve told him so. it’s seeing as he does, through his pics that has opened my eyes to another world around me.

hey this isn’t brain surgery here or is it, just some meaningless pictures and comments.

vip club where i wasn't invited

this is a real new york art event, what with all these art shows around town, PBS a BBC station affiliate shilling for money showing doo wop and other silly programs and Scarface playing on AMC channel new yorkers are in for a real treat. we must be working our way up the Riverdance, woo hoo.

I’ve been struggling with my ISP Photoshelter and learning or forgetting, not sure which, SEO. if you don’t know what that is then you’re lucky. seems everything is a business these days, art being one of the biggest, maybe not as big as a new fighter jet for the air force, but pretty big.

patrons armory show

silver haired male & woman in red dress

these must be power people all though he doesn’t have a red tie, maybe at the cleaners. i think i might be out of sequence here but who cares?  the first thing that caught my attention was Springer & Wincklere Galerie car wreck pictures.

European car wrecks

European car wrecks

there is a curious film by David Cronenberg called Crash which i liked, not sure why. some people just have to look at car crashes, so why not have them at home, saves gas and aggravation on the parkway.

the problem with me doing these types of blog reporting is i am not a photojournalist. i try my best but looking back through the pics i wouldn’t stand a chance working for Life. but then again no one is paying me for this either.

as i walked down the aisle looking this way then that way, being distracted by everything, this caught my eye. just a painting leaning against the wall with a shadow of a pacing guard or was he running away? hard to say.

chainsaw massacre at the armory

chainsaw massacre at the armory

so you see going anywhere with me can be challenging as i see things differently than most, it can be interesting just different. i contuined wandering around and found an interesting artist who worked in the 1950’s called Howard Town at Christopher Cutts gallery

howard town

artist howard town

but that’s not him sitting. here is a piece by Pascal Kern at the HackelBury Fine art. here i caught this woman biting her thumb no she’s not with the gallery.

pascal kern

personal hygiene

wonderful how people have a way of interacting with the art, i’ve no idea what this woman was doing but she was very busy at it.


but there were lots of people going here and there



with some really paying attention and looking

art praton

art patron

then there was others watching other or were they?


porcelain statue

and both at Gerald Peters gallery

porcelain statue

another porcelain statue

there were times when i tried to involve the patrons and the art as i did here at Vallarino/McCormick gallery



man through sculpture

yes more shadows everywhere


sepia shadows

i told Mary this place is full of beautiful people which seems like a great place to meet men or women, her reaction was if they weren’t so self involved with art. but difficult on the weekends with all the baby carriages and couples bumping around.  all in all a pretty good place to hang out, wear comfortable shoes.



And this one

asian woman concentrating
asian woman concentrating

what are they thinking? but here what catches my eye,

 shadows on painting

shadows on painting

notice the face? here we go moving on, i found a fluorescent lighting installation at Galerie Thomas against which i found these pictures, yea it’s my mind and i am too old to change now

fluorescent outline
fluorescent installation 2
another one


oh well, so much to see,  moving forward i passed by Bruce Silverstein gallery who’s celebrating 10 years showing one of Rosalind Solomon prints Blind Child, eerie huh?

Blind Child

but Silverstein had another photographer, Trine Sondergaard,  working in the style of  dutch painter Vermeer . that’s something i’ve always though of trying, a friend of mine Bill Megalos who  taught film lighting at rockport workshops used the painter masters as examples having the students recreate a artist style. oh well………… but i am not finished with my shadows.

trees with shadows


fernando botero with shadows

fernando botero with shadows

at the Tasende gallery which was full of wonderful shadows, this is of the people passing through the sun light.

then we go to the contemporary show of living artists but first this prime example of

little man

discovered art

this little guy was scrawled on a support beam of the pier and i was lucky enough to see it, i wonder how many others passed it by? let us move on.

Henry Thoreau saying

Henry Thoreau

and more art with this neon installation from the Paul Kasmin gallery

neon fence

neon fence

and this skull at Other Criteria


happy face

but as the day wore on, being on my feet i was beginning  to feel a bit overloaded as maybe this statue represented


statue of man

at the Galeria Ron Mandos in the south american section of the pier. the show had mixed sections or was it me that was mixed up?



Japanese signs at the Galeria Daniel Templon. all i was looking for now was a place to sit, but the seating lounge bar area was smaller this year than last, only 25 seats come on guys give us a break, what was the cost of a glass of champagne? but i continued on until i found something fun, silver mylar

reflections in mylar

reflections in mylar

silly me

reflections in mylar

more reflections in mylar

reflections in mylar at armory show 2011

more more reflections in mylar

as the saying goes ‘we were burning daylight here’ which i’ve heard civilians say which is silly even on the set. me getting nowhere but hungry and  heading to the exit i found one more distraction at the Lisson gallery of these lit panels


people passing in front

coming and going


he's going

while all this art can be wonderful and effect on us let’s not forget the real beauty of this world……… life in all it’s aspects.





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