Musecube lost souls, catching up

on friends and acquaintances on the once lovely photographic community. i left their server years ago at the beginning of the decline of their golden years. but some mary included stayed but i think she has moved all of her stuff off and on to photoshelter.

i really liked the layout templates very professional looking and not being able to drag images off on to desktop what i didn’t like was the have the google search rating come up on the 8th page. seems like a metta data error not fitting into google analytics which google changes every once in a while and has just done so. i’d contacted Geoffrey Vail Brown the owner of the site many times about this getting nowhere. so i left to go to Photoshelter.

the wonderful thing about musecubeĀ  was the community of photographers who made up the site. at times it did seem to be a mutual admiration society which i was involved in. when i first started posting pictures i was just really learning and by looking at some of the other togs work blew me away.

there was jack cutler who is such a fine gentleman, don’t let that get around and ruin his reputation, we see him almost every year at photoexpo i learned so much from him. also michael aspire whos work covered many a MET magazine cover, another one we get to see every once in a while. edward lampe visited from amsterdam and i took him around to some of the not so touristy views of the city.

last week peter le grand came in from chicago and we had a lovely lunch with him. others who have visited us have been the model red celt who stayed with us for a week or so. just today oleanna potter contacted me on facebook, a site i don’t much go on, talking about her husbands frederick site. one time melissa had a picture showing on Kodak’s times square billboard and i went down and shot it for her .

we’ve made a lot of friends on that site just doing our show and tell on their criquite pages. there still is a long list of people we’d love to meet and maybe someday we will. there is vincent rijs in amsterdam, iowa pech in germany, christopher hart in texas, and maybe as we are passing through ohio we cans say hello to michael mc gowan.

i best be getting back to my chores at hand but i am tired, tired of contacting people and getting nowhere but maybe that’s somewhere and i just don’t know where it is. oh well

yesterday i edited my first birthday video shoot, not my birthday someone else’s, pretty simple if a 10 year old kid can do it i thought i might have a chance. i am here to say i am moving on to 11.



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