i just can’t stop myself creating this stuff, it just happens

and it doesn’t help that i find people to help me. last week i met admiral and interviewed her for an upcoming project of mine and we agreed to explore a session to see what happens, that’s one of the ways i work not really having a vision of where i’ll wind up at the end of the day, well since it’s art and most of art is a failure but it’s in the trying and failing that the real art is created. i am really not sure what’s going on here but we started doing some dance images and worked our way in or out, depending on ones outlook into some of the other images.

a simple dance image

with costume changes

nude dancer in dressing grown

i am using mixed lighting sources with strobes as the main light but adding some mr 16’s 50w units which add an awfully lot  of light, i threw some color on them just of fun.

nude female dancer in dressing grown

and another costume change, well since she’s almost nude to begin with it doesn’t take long to slip from one thing to another.

female nude

odd color on that mr 16 very green and it’s a 3200 kelvin color temp, don’t remember what color it was but if you’re interested i’ll try and look it up.

female nude

what i liked about admiral during our interview was her,’ yes lets try that.’  she saw a couple of my gold face female images and was really up for trying that.

christmas past

don’t you just love the color of her hair?

we have a friend and gallery owner who’s always said he is looking for ‘edgy’ work. define edgy was always our reaction, but what he means is work that’s a bit different but sells. i look at this session   and wonder what kind of person would want to look at this image everyday or this one?

bound female nude with gold face

now if you look closely, well you can because your eyes are open and not like the model whom i seem to have caught with her eyes closed all day. i remember shoot with a young japanese model doing some fashion, yea i know didn’t think i had it in me did you, neither did i, but she was always looking down. when i mentioned this to her she said,’ gee my teacher tells me the same thing.’ duh……….. but here it sort of works

this is all part of my non – communication series i am trying to find people to work on. interested ? contact me.

if you’re interested in working with me on any project of mine or have a suggestion of your own drop me a line as i am always interested in meeting interesting people




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