recent work, nude couple

well i’ve begun a new project which really is an outgrowth on my old theme of non-communication. the shoot went off well, except the models were late and had i been paying for the space i’d be upset but i wasn’t. a friend of mine let me use his space and a couple of strobes.

i decided to use a black background because it seemed easier but in looking at what i got in camera it was devoid of any place or time. i was working with two new people the male i’d met months ago but had only emailed the female and looked at her MM portfolio #119873. 

i had discussed the concept with both of them before hand so as not to have any issues arise which didn’t happen. of course there are limits on what is allowable especially when a stranger is touching you. we all have these and professional models have a public image to protect.

so as is my habit of not looking at images right after i shoot them i waited a couple of days and made my primary picks which mary also added a couple of images but looking at them in bridge i wasn’t too excited. during the shoot the models needed more direction than my dancer dance images, which was a challenge for both of us. mary’s suggestion to use actors instead of models seems like a good idea.

it seemed the male was afraid to get close to valentine keeping a safe distance. i had to keep moving him closer to her. she didn’t really project the dominant cat like qualities i was looking for. of course my direction was also missing which i need to improve on.

nude couple

so i reverted to one of my old tricks of covering one or the other with cloth, in a way i am tired of that but it works. using the  black gloves as props are clumsy for sure but i though they would convey the message of not being able to feel a touch wearing them. not that he didn’t caress her boobs sometimes nor did she complain the movements seemed awkward.

ships hole

the backgrounds i put in later because here they were hanging in this blackness like human blobs. thank goodness for all my photoshop training, oh and having all these different generic backgrounds.

we worked for a couple hours alternating between them as a couple and some single session. i got better shots of her when we did our one on one stuff.  i had brought along a couple of props, the pearls and a black mask as well as the cloth.

nude with pearls

then this one of her covered with a cloth

nude with smoke

and a close up with different background

female nude wearing cloth cover

this is the final one from this series that i’ve worked on and of course i save the best until last.

Ghost room

so the search goes to find the perfect models/actors who are able to express my ideas and my training in learning how to convey my ideas so they can express them. if anyone reading this blog would like to work with me and are in the new york area or planning to visit drop me a line. i am open to new ideas and concepts.

take care



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