BalaSole dance company, creativity talent and humor

this past saturday we were invited down to Dance Theater Workshop space to see this company by an old friend  and collaborator who was performing as part of the company. it’s also nice to keep in touch with special people, to know they think of you and want to share their life/work.

Juan Michael Porter II 'BLUE' © jene youtt

what we found is a dance company who’s vision statement says

The vision of BalaSole Dance Company is to promote a balance in the field of concert dance where the general public can experience a dance concert filled with diversity and where artists are able to fully demonstrate their individual artistry.


By building the general public’s sensitivity to the imbalances that exist in the field of concert dance, BalaSole Dance Company hopes to:

–  Expand dance artists’ creative freedom and growth
–  Improve multiethnic representation in dance companies
–  Foster artistic and career mentorship of dance artists
–  Engender artistic collaboration in dance companies
–  Increase visibility for dance artists of all ages, shapes, and sizes
–  Promote versatility of dance artists in varied dance styles
–  Elevate compensation of many dance artists to an appropriate level
–  Increase outlets for emerging dance artists to learn from
professional dance artists
–  Provide dance artists a vehicle by which to showcase their full
artistic talents and identity to other companies for potential
–  Make the art of dance accessible to everyone
–  Broaden opportunities for male and female dance artists to become
–  Encourage greater male viewership, interest, and participation in
concert dance

if you’re a modern dancer who is looking for a company to join i would suggest this one. they come in all sizes, shapes, colors and sexes. go to their web site and click on auditions for the next opportunity to join.

the program we saw was a series of short solo pieces very well done with technical virtuosity, creativity and humor. here is a link to one reviewers blog highlighting each dancer and an additional page at

so i’d suggest keeping an eye out for this highly creative dance company. living here in this city it’s so hard keeping on top of interesting things to do as we are almost overloaded. i know i am. but we are a social group of living organisms so what better place to socialize than in a cool theater watching young talent grow.

can life be better than that?



2 Responses to “BalaSole dance company, creativity talent and humor”

  1. marywehrhahn Says:

    A performance well worth viewing. Thanks for the other link.

  2. Dance Says:


    […]BalaSole dance company, creativity talent and humor « Fuzzypictures's Weblog[…]…

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