Laura Ward/Octavia cup at fringe nyc 2011

last week i met a dancer/choreographer Laura Ward/Octavia Cup Dance Theatre

through Linked-in about taking some pictures of her company. she replied that she was in rehearsals with a new piece ‘The Dreaming’ for The 15th Annual Fringenyc  so we agreed to meet downtown at the rehearsal studio. it’s always interested to meet new people and begin working with them especially if none of us have expectations. this suits me fine as i never know what i’d be interested in either.

laura ward, octavia cup

as you can see i start off pretty normal just trying to get a feel of what laura’s work is all about. well today it’s not going to happen because only a few of the dancers are there and they are rehearsing only parts of. why not?

laura ward, octavia cup

as you can see this is a large space with mixed lighting sources which of me is always interesting. hey what are those funny shoes? ballet dancers………….. holy smokes i don’t usually run into these types of dancers.

laura ward, octavia cup

 but i always like to see what would happen if i try this, so i turn towards the mirrors

laura ward & dancers

 then back towards the window


lets try something different as the dance pieces are all different

laura ward

so i attached my 580 flash with a grid attached for a couple of shots, sometimes the magic works sometimes it doesn’t.

laura and dancers

i am not sure i like this effect either or maybe i am just sick of using it. it really depends on the composition i guess.

another abstract experiment

laura ward

of all the images i took that day this is one of my favs and looking at the order i took them in it was one of the first so maybe i just need to take a fewer images in the beginning then go home.

most of the dancers i’ve worked with like my abstracts best yet i continue my people pleasing ways in trying to get good representational dance pictures. duh it’s not like i am being paid for this work, i do it because i love the art of dance and the ability of creating my own work.

laura’s octavia cup performances of  ‘The Dreaming’are at the 4th Street Theater, 83 East 4th street on 8/13 again on 8/18-8/19, 8/21-8/22 and last performance 8/24. do check the fringe web site  for specific time and place.


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