collapsible Bubi water bottles, see it here first

yesterday i had a pleasant distraction as a friend Craig Madaus came over asking me a favor to take some pictures of his new venture Bubi Bottles which doesn’t have a web site yet but will be up next week at

these are pretty neat, soft collapsible bottles that you can roll for storage. more on that when the web site is up and running giving a link to buy them.

this came at a time i am getting ready for our extended car trip across America so i was a bit rushed. the studio wasn’t set up to shoot anything but we moved a table under a strobe lighting position but i felt better shooting this with tungsten lighting so i pulled out some ‘C’ stands to hold the roll of white paper, another to hold bounce card add a couple of Lowel KSA stands and DP lights and we were set to go.

lighting setup

Table top setup

simple right?

Bubi Bottles

single bottle

Bubi bottles collapsed

Bubi bottle rolled up

lonely bottle waiting to be filled

three different colors

as i said this was a down and dirty shoot. not too worried about the double shadows but on some shots i had Craig float in a black flag to try and eliminate the second shadow but we were both in a hurry and that’s not something he’s use to.

i did learn something from this shoot, when ever possible shot tethered to the computer as it makes focusing on the subject much more accurate. it’s not something one should leave to a small low res preview on the camera. on most of these images i stopped down somewhere around F 11  to get the depth of field allowing for everything to be in focus.

what i wound up doing was setting auto focus on then turning it off to fine focus the image. even that wasn’t fool proof so that’s why i said to shoot tethered  and on a tripod of course. but i don’t always think of these things as a spur of the moment things. it’s like lunch another thing i forget to do before my body grabs me saying ‘it’s lunch time’

today as i write this it’s 6pm and i am eating some raw carrots to stave off hunger pains. at least it’s healthy. so i’ll post this and get back to packing for the trip. i am a bit behind but have another day to get everything put together.



4 Responses to “collapsible Bubi water bottles, see it here first”

  1. maryduranteyoutt Says:

    And the water can be frozen in these reusable bottles without the fear of releasing toxic chemicals.

  2. Carol Newman Says:

    And the water can be frozen in these reusable bottles without the fear of releasing toxic chemicals.

  3. chris Says:

    where can i buy these

  4. elise Says:

    they came out with a new design and its much pretter and it comes in 9 different colors

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