JPG Magazine Breast Cancer Photo contest

Breasts… They Need Your Support!

With National Breast Cancer Month (October) upon us (, we want to throw our support behind some great organizations that are helping those patients, survivors, families and others that have been affected by this disease.

This Shoot Out photo contest is intended, mirroring the goal of NBCAM, to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure.

Enter your images that promote breast cancer awareness and/or celebrate the beauty, strength, spirit and nurture threatened by the disease. Enter your images that tell a story of inspiration, of strength, of survival. Enter your images that are touching, humorous, sensual, perceptive… real.

We want to really make a splash. We’ve got lofty goals for this contest and would love to see the total raised get OVER $100,000. To do this, WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need everyone to get the word out… share this on Facebook, Twitter, via email. Tell your friends, your neighbors, your clients, your kids’ friends… everyone.

The ‘starting pot’ will be $100 in total, but we want to see a truly inspiring number here. So help us get these numbers growing! Help us demonstrate the power of images to help raise awareness and money to make a difference!

We’ll be updating the prizing as the entries come in, so check back… and enter as often as you can! You’re supporting a great cause!

Remember, a portion of the proceeds from your entry fees will be donated to these fine charities to help in the ongoing battle against this disease:

Susan G. Komen for the Cure,, and Standup2cancer (su2c) – you can also visit these links directly to learn more and/or donate.

Once the contest has closed and winners have been announced, the cash prizes will be awarded and the donations paid to the 3 charities.

Enter now~!       JPG Blog

P.S. To do more to advance the discussion, awareness and overall message of breast cancer awareness, prevention, detection, treatment and support check out:

Cafe Express







The Keep A Breast Foundation



Check them out. Be aware.

To help spread the word on your site or blog, check out these slogan buttons (and others from Blogaholicdesigns):

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4 Responses to “JPG Magazine Breast Cancer Photo contest”

  1. Photgraphy News Says:

    Photgraphy News…

    […]JPG Magazine Breast Cancer Photo contest « Fuzzypictures's Weblog[…]…

  2. Breast Cancer Awareness month is almost over… | NY metro art scene Says:

    […] As a photographer, I met a woman who wanted me to shoot her in the nude. She loved the images that I was exhibiting and thought that I could capture her inner beauty. A few weeks later she told me she had breast cancer and would undergo a double mastectomy and wanted before and after pictures taken. Long story short, Carmen touched my life. What I tried to do for her was to show her that a scar is just a line drawn across the body. That her beauty lies within and that there is beauty beyond breast cancer. We had 3 photo sessions and are still trying to mesh our schedules for a little more photography, a glass of wine and some girl talk. Carmen wanted her story to be told and I wanted to help her tell it. She is not the first woman to have these feelings and unfortunately she won’t be the last. Through one of my blogs (Labor Of Love Pix) about her story, a woman from PA contacted me and asked if I would take pictures of her. Mary was finishing the last of her radiation treatments, had lost her hair and wanted to document her journey. I drove the nearly 3 hours to her home and photographed her and her family. Mary has a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful little girls. I was touched by the love, devotion and pride that her husband had for her. He was proud of her strength during her treatments, how she tried to keep her hope and spirits high. They let me into their lives and it was truly a beautiful moment. This year, I submitted one of the images I took for an international juried photo competition aptly entitled “A True Story”. I was thrilled when famed photo-journalist, Peter Turnley selected “Lean on me” to exhibit at a gallery in Vermont. Photography women with breast cancer has become one of my personal projects and if you would like to be a part of this undertaking, please contact me. My husband, photographer Jene Youtt, told me about JPG Magazine’s photo contest on breast cancer. You can read more about it on his blog: Fuzzypictures. […]

  3. Anastacia And celebrities at the Annual Pink Ribbon Ball in Aid of Breast Cancer Research Says:

    Anastacia And celebrities at the Annual Pink Ribbon Ball in Aid of Breast Cancer Research…

    […]JPG Magazine Breast Cancer Photo contest « Fuzzypictures's Weblog[…]…

  4. how to check for breast cancer Says:

    how to check for breast cancer…

    […]JPG Magazine Breast Cancer Photo contest « Fuzzypictures's Weblog[…]…

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