photo day at ‘Occupy Wall Street’ & other musings

i know this has been a photography and art blog and i am further from a real reporter/news photographer than you’ll ever know, but i am here in new york city where there is a real live story going on and it’s something one can’t ignore all though the mainstream news media are doing a pretty good job at that.

i am struggling with my typing- wordpress photo editing layouts and thought process. i want to walk away from the keyboard because my own lack of expertise in these aforementioned matters frustrate me. but i’ll prode on in the hope i’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel and it won’t be a train.

Saturday afternoon i went down to Zuccotti Park where the demonstration Occupy Wall Street rally is being held. it’s quite a small area, 33,000 square feet,  originally created in 1968 by us steel in return for a height bonus for their headquarters being built close by, then known as Liberty Plaza Park. now owned by brookfield office properties the park is named after company chairman john zuccotti, a politically connected business man and former deputy mayor under abe beame. the building is now renamed One Liberty Plaza.

Liberty plaza is one of the few open spaces with trees and benches located in the downtown area. renovated as part of the lower manhattan rebuilding efforts, the park was regraded, trees were planted, and the tables and seating restored with private money, and served as a staging area for world trade center recovery efforts and memorial ceremonies.

the significant thing  i missed took place further uptown at citibank, 555 La Guardia Place where some of the demonstrators where arrested attempting to close their accounts. can you imagine the panic in the banking community if hundreds of people started closing their accounts. at least not using your credit and debit cards.

did you ever think you could be arrested for closing your bank account. we now know who the nypd is working for and it aint us. you would think nypd would be grateful for all the overtime the demonstration is creating.

If you want to express your opinion about this type of customer service to senior management at Citibank, you can call Citibank President Vikram Pandit. He told Business Week magazine he’d be happy to talk to Occupy Wall Street! His direct office line is (212) 793-1201, and his email address is

but now it’s become famous for something completely different under the watchful eye of the nypd eye in the sky and other secret forces

eye in the sky

this reminds me of the movie war of the worlds where i invaders had huge machines wandering around killing people. of course these can’t walk, yet…..hey don’t give then any ideas. but here are the people, ideas and sights


the energy i felt from the crowd was pretty incredible  which i am sure changes from

day to day maybe even by the hour. i talked to a few people but a lot of them have agenda. there was a guy preaching the bible of course, they always come out for a crowd. what is amazing about the crowd is everyone seems to have a different view point and no one is in charge.



then there is this fellow reading the us constitution to no one and everyone

then the media: tv cameras, microphones, notebooks, still cameras


  the happiest people seemed to be these guys

    a variety of food along with free food supplied by donors of the movement. so much food and supplies are being sent to the movement a problem arose where to store it. the The American Federation of Teachers Local 1839 had office space near the site so they offered storage space. donations of money  via the internet to the tune of $300,00 are flooding in to the movement from all over.

  so this a mix of americans which is pretty cool, on the weekends everyone can come down and be a part of

  if you’re interested in learning what some of the media has to say check out mother jones has to say on the origins of this movement. even the NY Times paul krugman had something to say today about how wall street financial services have helped the american people or did they?


everyone had a job to do, some just being there, some making signs, some silk screening t shirts

so at the end of the elephants parade comes the sweeper

remember who has created this financial mess and who has benefited from it. are you better off now than you were six years ago? if you want to find out whats going on down at Liberty Plaza do peruse the Occupy Wall Street web site



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