this is something you can do. don’t feel powerless against banks take action

More pictures of the OCCUPY WALL STREET demonstrations 10/18/11, Jene Youtt

last night mary came over and we when down to photo salon to see various photographers portfolios and she asked had i read her blog post ‘Fix it or toss it out’ which i quote the beginning here

Fix it or toss it out!

I guess what I am really trying to say is some times something is so broken that it is beyond fixing and you are just throwing good money after bad and that is what the government did when they thought that we had to bail out banks and financial corporations and keeping these executives in power – i.e. –  greed continues to pay off and campaign funds flow in by the millions.  That’s the way I feel about our Financial Banking System and our government.

We are so lucky to have the freedoms of speech and I love that the people are standing up and fighting back.  We are 99% and I think soon some politicians are going to take us seriously.  We have witnessed uprisings in Africa, Egypt and France’s workforce, etc and there is something to be said for standing together and not backing down.  Anyone in office will get voted out by me because I don’t like the way they handled things.  An anybody running for election better have a plan in mind.  Stop the back stabbing, name calling, mudslinging crap and tell us how you think we can turn this around.  Cutting spending and raises the taxes of poor and middle class people is NOT the answer.  Jobs – Fine any corporation who lays off workers intentially to cut the bottom line and show a profit instead of cutting their own salaries and eliminating their 6 figure bonuses.  They are the ones that got us in this mess in the first place and all they care about is staying in business – not for the greater good of the masses but for their own good.  How much money does it take to make you happy?  How many homes do you need to own?  Excess and greed leads to destruction.  Just look at history. Read the rest of the post here  NYmetro.

while i  am spending another day at ‘Occupy Wall Street’ demonstration she’s actually thinking of something very positive to effect change.

me i just take pictures. each one of us adds to the whole .

at Liberty Plaza everyday is different while remaining the same. just the people change and that’s not always true. the more i go down there, the more i meet people who are different and others i’ve seen before. it’s really a learning experience for me. the first thing is i’ve never considered myself a street ‘tog but maybe i am learning how to, maybe not. i do know this is taking a lot of my time and who knows if anyone is appreciating it?

but we do as this couple is doing, the only thing we know how to, ‘show up’. while we may look like strange bed fellows at first as long as we have tolerance and an open heart we can all get along.

seeing this sign made me chuckle and think ‘have i ever paid for empathy?’  i’ve paid for a lot of things in my life but empathy? have i learned how to give it? it’s not an easy thing empathy for me to give i’ve had to spend hours learning  how to and i am not perfect at it now. i do try and catch myself by being mindful as repeating a few Metta phrases.

we can all get along here, well maybe not the bankers right now but maybe they will come around if the ever shed the blinders of greed. as robert fulghum says  Share everything. Play Fair. Don’t hit people. Put things back where you found them. Clean up your own mess. Don’t take things that aren’t yours. Say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody.

this fellow knows how to draw a crowd along with a tog feeding frenzy, “watch out for the plants”

   what plants?

while others   some sit peacefully holding their signs

     while others march some write booklets

             some signs          i talked with this mother while the children played, the children drew as children do

why are we all here? can we really do something, Stop the machine? he did

maybe we can all find peace of mind and a few


have a good day, remember it’s our world.  something i learned in the 60’s during the anti-war demonstrations




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