going back looking forward

it’s always interesting to look back through my archives, this look back instigated by contact with a model i had worked with in 2006 where i had asked her if she wanted copies of stuff we had done together. i had sent her lo-rez copies then but she never added them to her portfolio. i guess i was a little miffed that someone wouldn’t use my images, big ego talking here. but she was paid for her work and a couple of images from the session i loved.


this is one of our favs. but as each moment of our lives is different, looking back i found other images i had never selected for one reason or the other. she and i did two session, this image is from the first session done in my studio as is the one below.

loving you

while the other images were done in a bigger studio along with a male modern dancer. mia isn’t a dancer per-say but moves very well and really gets what i am trying to do. she’s an experienced model, mostly fashion then, she was working at FIT then so working with me was something different, at least i like to think so. but models are models and work is work every penny helps. as i’ve been trained over the years is, do the work never refuse a job as long as you’re not being exploited it all goes into supporting me in my art.

now when i am  shooting dancers i always try to keep the whole body in frame and in focus, they seem to prefer that so when viewing the shoot i’ll pass over images that don’t quite make that grade. tis a shame because there are a lot of fine images that i don’t pull out into daylight. so with that i’ll post a couple here that i passed up the first time. some are outstanding i think some……………..well i’ll let you decide if you like them or not.

screaming angel

woman in red veil

both of these images have made my portfolio and this one looks spectacular in print. now i’ll post the overlooked images, well maybe they are not overlooked but as a second or third looking at seem more interesting.

red dress

i didn’t really like her hair here but it works with the image

graceful line

 so now these worked as a dance image so on to the not so perfect images.at least i managed to keep everything in frame.

veiled nude dancer

this images works as a dancer and as a nude having a nice body line along with the veil. the next image is footless but also a good line

footless nude

a bit overexposed on the veil but love her line. the next one not sure i like the pubic hair but can always fix that in PS.

female nude jumping

i thought i had cropped it too close on top but when working with dancers it’s better to be too wide then too narrow but there is something i really like about this image. so there you have it the overlooked images but wait there is more of my favs.

double exposure

but it’s not really what i did


so this week i had the pleasure to enjoy working while i recover from a flu shot a week ago that i am just getting over, had some vick’s vapor rub put on my chest last night and feel much better this morning. so i’ll close with this image

snow white

if anyone would like to contact this model her portfolio is at http://www.modelmayhem.com/84543  but please respect her as she’s a wonderful person living in San Francisco Ca.

well that is all i have the energy to with about now, until next time


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