thoughts for today, no nudes opps

i know it’s almost christmas time and a lot of people come here for the nude photos, some of my work is about human figure studies and yes at my age i still enjoy naked bodies. i’ve always thought bodies are beautiful even a 747 is a lovely designed body.

some internet groups i belong to don’t really enjoy my work, hey maybe i don’t still belong to them i’d better check. i am like groucho marx who said ‘he’d not join a group who’d have him’ or something like that. my previous post on cindy sherman is about an artist/photographer doing what they want to do and not worrying about what people thought about their work, picasso also comes to mind as another. yet people are clamoring for their work. i’ve one collector who said they wanted to hang my ‘Puppy love’ next to sherman. how cool is that?

puppy love

Puppy love

do i think my work should be considered with these artist, why not ? all though i am not reinventing the wheel, well maybe my own red wagon. well then i am doing what i want more or less as this graphic shows ‘whats the problem ?’

ok no problem

 well since it is christmas week i’ll give in a little and post what i call an ‘Angel ‘ yes it’s a nude….. my public demands it.


have a safe and happy holiday !



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