old work new views

what else is there to do on this rainy grey day. my honey is out at the house and i am here. so i’ll just try and catch up on stuff i’ve been meaning to do but other things got in the way. a few days ago, maybe it was weeks as time and to do list come and go. i do get a good snuggly feeling when i get things done in  my life and then there is always more. i guess never rest for a creative i am not one to sit and relax. altho sitting in front of the warm fireplace today would be nice, but here i am staring at a white screen trying to fill it with black marks.

i decided to expand my Model Mayhem portfolio from a free site to one i pay for. not that i get any work from the site nor do man would be models line up for me to shoot them. i guess i am like a scotch an acquired taste.but i decided to put up some fashion images i had shot maybe years ago just to expand my client base, ha ha. so far it hasn’t worked.

but to those who follow this blog i often go through old shoots looking for new stuff which i did to add to my portfolio.

wedding dress

black & white

btw way she hated these images maybe not these one but for most of the shoot she had her eyes looking down as asians are taught, when i mentioned it she said her dance teacher told he the same thing. i thought the clothes lovely and tried my best but she wasn’t a happy camper.

low keyed fashion


so these are just a couple of fashion images i loaded on to Model Mayhem but going thru my hard drives, of which i have a few, i looked at rachels folder. she is a nude new york model/student making her way through school, where i found these lovely images which also fill out my new quest to do fitness images.

nubian princess

on ever shoot i find something about the model that i find interesting, there isn’t that many things about a nude body that’s special yet i find them and that’s what keeps me doing them. here is one i really love


i love those hands

semi yoga pose

this one i put as my avatar on Mayhem thinking it was safe but lovely with good definition on her back. i don’t mind shadows.

forward bend

another skinny dancer model that i love the definition in her body.

nude dancer

dancer in red

but some images and this is the only image from this shoot i like, working with amateurs doesn’t always work out. but this one i enjoy maybe because to me it tells a story.


i get click throughs on this blog to a lot of these nude images so i have to wonder if only males do google nude female searches or does that matter. what do they do with them?  i know of other togs who actually get work from their facebook pages, not too many but some. me i avoid facebook when ever possible. these images would never make it on facebook. i’ve already been restricted on Flicker and i’ve no idea why even through they sent me an email explaining what to do. it was a long explaination.

oh well

another ghost in the machine

so that’s it for today, the ravings of a artist photographer. thanks for stopping by.




One Response to “old work new views”

  1. Ad@m Says:

    The bottom image is simply amazing! Love it!

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