this weeks work or how do you stay warm naked?

i invited mary over to help out for this shoot i had earlier this week when a  model contacted as he was looking for some edgy shots to add to his portfolio. EDGY a word i’ve come to associate with chalk on a blackboard, but i thought what the hell, i do need to check my camera after coming back from repair and this would be a good exercise for all of us.

james, we will call him, had some ideas he’d like to try out and i’ve always come up with something to try myself and mary was a willing helper, it may look easy but when ever i create something it’s from hard work and maybe a bit of luck.

we started with some normal head shots which aren’t going to be included today because i came out to the house anticipating a snow storm to hit at midnight  and i only looked at the proofs this afternoon and pulled off the ones that interested me.

in the cave

james wanted to start off  clothed until i guess he felt comfortable which i can understand  but very quickly shed his clothing. i pulled out this background which i haven’t used in years but it gave me nothing but problems. the main problem was i was shooting with my white lightning strobes and mary was shooting tungsten. i pulled out a couple of omnis and put them up as cross lights and had a couple modeling lights on my strobes. she had to push her iso but never said anything. she posted a couple of her images on her blog NY Metro Art Scene which i though looked pretty good.


but i just wasn’t too happy with my choice of backgrounds. the only way this one works is if i can keep all the light off it.

male nude

but at least we could change it without too much trouble and we when with a plain black no seam with a cane back chair.


i am not sure i’ll ever get a fashion booking from this type of lighting but i find it interesting and dramatic. but as i said earlier we are skipping a lot of pictures because i see different things that interest me like the next picture shows. oh and i did have to catch a bus home tonight.


as much as i like shadows there are the hands, i tried to get more tension or capture the tension there  but i think i might have missed it, oh well


or this one. i did have a nickname when i lit a soap opera as the prince of darkness

another angle

 oh well no animals were harmed in the making of these images which is always a good thing.



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One Response to “this weeks work or how do you stay warm naked?”

  1. maryduranteyoutt Says:

    I really like “chair” and “hands”. Also something intriguing about “in the cave” – it’s in his eyes, you caught a great look.
    And thanks for inviting me to the shoot 😉

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