Here’s what David Pogue & the NY Times don’t what you to know about SOPA/PIPA

well getting ready for playoff sunday and running out of home improvement projects i turn to the internet, namely TED talks for entertainment/knowledge because of the way my mind works they are one and the same. i wrote about SOPA/PIPA here and blacked out this site in protest but what i didn’t know was the whole story. this TED talks video blew me away in it’s detailed explanation of what’s really going on from Clay Shirky blog


then i found this TED talk with more outstanding control information. way back in the 60’s my friends and i discussed the controlling aspects of television where if one could keep people watching images flash in front of their faces they stopped talking about well just about anything. no one said how difficult their lives where and how to maybe change it. no one discussed the world affairs. you just sat there doing nothing, well maybe consuming things. all across America and the world people sat in front of their televisions and said nothing.

but thank goodness we live in a free country and can turn off our televisions or can we? groucho marx said television was educational in that every time someone turned the set on he went to read a book. now we have the internet to control our time and the forces of control at our faces once again both criminal and corporate from Mikko Hypponen.

internet security

well i hope everyone is enjoying them selves today. snow removal done and plaster drying, so are my hands.



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